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ES919 - eBusiness Fundamentals

  • Module code: ES919
  • Module name: eBusiness Fundamentals
  • Department: Warwick Manufacturing Group
  • Credit: 10

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Module content and teaching

Principal aims

Manufacturing and Services businesses will be faced with new challenges brought about by the developing connected world. New opportunities and threats will make managing a high-growth business that delivers manufactured products, systems and services in either a domestic or a global market a special challenge. Investors will expect exceptional performance in an environment characterised by rapid changes in the nature of business, increasingly complex client demands involving a wider use of technology, and resources spread across international multicultural supply chains: the world of "e-Business". The use of interactive on-line forums complement the input from industry experts and academics to create a relevant and dynamic framework for downstream modules. Participants will critically examine the processes and organisational structures that will enable the future manufacturing and service enterprise to win business, deliver the system, product or service and maintain relationships in the radically more complex global business landscape.

Principal learning outcomes

On completing the module the participants will be able to: Critically appraise the context, terminology, ongoing development and impact that the Internet and related technologies have had on changing the way in which we can do business; Apply thinking to show how existing and new e-technologies can lead to opportunities and new business processes, and be able to evaluate the potential, including the risks, inherent with such change; Approach new business opportunities by laying a foundation for creative and challenging thinking through use of emerging and new processes and technologies.

Timetabled teaching activities

40 hours

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Module assessment

Assessment group Assessment name Percentage
10 CATS (Module code: ES919-10)
A (Assessed work only) Assessed work as specified by department 100%

Module availability

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