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ES91L - Process Improvement using Six Sigma

  • Module code: ES91L
  • Module name: Process Improvement using Six Sigma
  • Department: Warwick Manufacturing Group
  • Credit: 10

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Module content and teaching

Principal aims

To enable participants to understand how organizations manage and improve processes to support policy and strategy and fully satisfy, and generate increasing value for customers and other stakeholders. In particular it focuses on the reduction of waste, variability and associated costs through Six Sigma approaches.

Principal learning outcomes

Understanding the fundamental concepts of variability, its impact on performance and approaches to reduction; Understanding the concepts and performance impact of waste in manufacturing processes; Understanding the importance of process focus in manufacturing products; Analysing and improving processes to support policy and strategy and generate increasing value for customers and other stakeholders; Applying the methodologies and tools used in the Six Sigma approach to process improvement; Critical analysis of business process performance and associated drivers of performance; Ability to formulate and test hypotheses; Recognising and appraising the financial and business implications of options and actions; Applying a structured process improvement approach; Recognising and managing the human aspects of process improvement; Planning and managing change projects to deliver company policy and strategy.

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Module assessment

Assessment group Assessment name Percentage
10 CATS (Module code: ES91L-10)
A (Assessed work only) Assessed work as specified by department 100%
A1 (Assessed work only) Pass/Fail assessment 100%

Module availability

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