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Computer Science

  • CS404 Agent Based Systems
  • CS904 Computational Biology
  • CS907 Dissertation Project
  • CS908 Research Methods
  • CS909 Data Mining
  • CS910 Foundations of Data Analytics
  • CS912 Sensor Networks and Mobile Data Communications
  • CS913 Dissertation Project in Data Analytics
  • CS915 Advanced Computer Security
  • CS916 Social Informatics
  • CS917 Foundations of Computing
  • CS918 Natural Language Processing

Some departments also offer "level 4" modules to students on postgraduate courses. A list of these is included below, but you should always check with the department concerned whether they are available on your course.

  • CS402 High Performance Computing
  • CS407 Group Project
  • CS409 Algorithmic Game Theory
  • CS412 Formal Systems Development
  • CS413 Image and Video Analysis
  • CS416 Optimisation Methods and their Applications