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Centre for Teacher Education

  • EP918 PGCE Secondary Professional Practice
  • EP919 Primary PGCE (School Direct): Subject Studies
  • EP920 PGCE Primary Professional Studies School Direct 5-11
  • EP929 PGCE Secondary Subject Studies
  • EP930 Professional Collaborative Module One: Developing the Skills of the Specialist Practitioner
  • EP931 Professional Collaborative Module Two: Developing Leadership Capacity
  • EP932 Critical Reflection for Professional Education
  • EP933 Dissertation
  • EP936 PGCE School Direct Early Years: Subject Studies
  • EP937 PGCE Primary Professional Studies School Direct 2-7
  • EP938 PGCE International - Primary Reflective Practice
  • EP939 PGCE International - Secondary Reflective Practice
  • IE918 A-Level Mathematics Pedagogy
  • IE9A2 Advanced Level Mathematics Classroom-Based Enquiry
  • IE9H7 PGCE Primary Professional Studies Core 2-7
  • IE9H8 PGCE Early Years Subject Studies
  • IE9H9 PGCE Primary Professional Studies Core 5-11
  • IE9J0 PGCE Primary Subject Studies
  • IE9J1 PGCE Secondary Reflective Practice
  • IE9K4 International PGCE: Primary Professional Studies
  • IE9K5 International PGCE: Primary Phase Studies
  • IE9M4 International PGCE (Secondary) Professional studies
  • IE9M5 International PGCE (Secondary) Professional Practice