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Film & TV Studies

  • FI905 Dissertation
  • FI906 Independent Study
  • FI908 Screen Cultures and Methods
  • FI909 Film Criticism, Film Style
  • FI910 Television History and Aesthetics
  • FI917 MA Screenwriting Unit 1: The Screenwriter's Craft
  • FI918 MA Screenwriting Unit 2: The Screenwriter's Practice
  • FI919 MA Filmmaking Unit 3: Writing the Feature Film
  • FI920 MA Filmmaking Unit 1: Language: Image, Meaning and Style
  • FI921 MA Filmmaking Unit 2: Practice: Non-fiction and Fiction
  • FI922 MA Filmmaking Unit 3: Synthesis: Industry and Independent
  • FI925 Swedish Cinema
  • FI926 Film Cultures
  • FI927 Issues in Documentary
  • FI928 Film and Social Change
  • FI929 Eco-cinema: Environment and the Politics of Film
  • FI930 Horror and the Gothic in Film and Television