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IB96K - Advanced Employment Relations

  • Module code: IB96K
  • Module name: Advanced Employment Relations
  • Department: Warwick Business School
  • Credit: 15

Content and teaching | Assessment | Availability

Module content and teaching

Principal aims

This course aims to provide an in depth exploration of contemporary debates about employment regulation through a single country study. A focus on Britain highlights key developments in areas with broader international relevance, including the balance between legal regulation and collective bargaining and trends in employee representation and involvement.

Principal learning outcomes

Subject Knowledge and Understanding: Demonstrate a detailed and reflective understanding of changes in the regulation of employment in Britain; Demonstrate an ability to distinguish between legal regulation and regulation through collective bargaining and to explain the main trends in each; Demonstrate an ability to reflect on labour market outcomes and the changing nature of employment regulation in Britain.Key Skills: Demonstrate advanced written and oral presentation skills. Cognitive Skills: Critically analyse, reflect on and explore the impact of legal and social regulation on actors in the employment relationship and the structure of labour markets.Subject-Specific/Professional Skills: The ability to analyse specific employment problems in their wider social and conceptual context.

Timetabled teaching activities

"Total contact hours: 30 hours Lectures per week: 1 x 2 hours Seminars per week: 1 x 1 hour Module duration (weeks, if applicable): 10 weeks"

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Module assessment

Assessment group Assessment name Percentage
15 CATS (Module code: IB96K-15)
A (Assessed work only) 3500 word assignment 100%
VA (Visiting students only) 100% assessment (visiting/exchange students) 100%

Module availability

This module is available on the following courses:



Optional Core


  • Postgraduate Taught Human Resource Management and Employment Relations (N60A) - Year 1
  • Postgraduate Taught Human Resource Management and Employment Relations (N60A) - Year 2