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BS935 - Biochemical Engineering - Bioreactor Engineering & Unit Operations

  • Module code: BS935
  • Module name: Biochemical Engineering - Bioreactor Engineering & Unit Operations
  • Department: School of Life Sciences
  • Credit: 10

Content and teaching | Assessment | Availability

Module content and teaching

Principal aims

This module will introduce students to the range of fundamental operations used by process engineers, who perform chemical and biological reactions on a large scale and separate the raw products into finished materials suitable for the market place. The principle focus will be on biotechnological processes. The module will cover processing options for handling and separating compounds of interest. It aims to develop process engineering skills which will enable students to select the appropriate methods to make the required end product.

Principal learning outcomes

To develop an understanding of process engineering and the critical steps required to optimise reactor performance for the production and separation of industrially important compounds. Subject Knowledge and Understanding: By the end of the module the student should be able to identify, review and select the key processing steps to convert raw materials into a marketable end product; By the end of the module the student should be able to demonstrate knowledge of different biotechnology reactor designs and analyse what influences the choice of different systems. Key Skills: Numeracy; Communication; Use of generic software for data and information. Cognitive Skills: By the end of the module the student should be able to interact effectively with Process Engineers on the conceptual design of process systems by oral, written or visual means. By the end of the module the student should be able to compare and debate alternative process options based on a critical assessment of the known data.

Timetabled teaching activities

Lectures per week 7 x 1 hour; Workshop per week 2 hours; External visits 8 hours; Seminar sessions per week 4 hours.

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Other essential notes

Review of Process Engineering Unit Operations including: Feedstock variability and how to deal with this; Fermentation and Bio-Reactors; Extraction/Separation technologies - distillation/condensation; solvent extraction; crystallisation; drying/evaporation; mixing; solids separation and processing; Optimisation of performance; Dealing with waste e.g. effluent treatment with emphasis on those systems used in bioprocessing.

Module assessment

Assessment group Assessment name Percentage
10 CATS (Module code: BS935-10)
D2 (Assessed/examined work) Seminar Presentation 30%
  Poster 50%
  1 hour examination (locally held) 20%

Module availability

This module is available on the following courses:

  • Postgraduate Taught Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management (C5N2) - Year 1
Optional Core


  • Postgraduate Taught Integrative Bioscience (C1PK) - Year 1