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  • CY906 Dissertation
  • PX402 Physics Project
  • PX902 The Application of Physical Principles in Medicine
  • PX904 DST Module 2: Properties and Characterization of Materials
  • PX905 DST Module 3: Defects and Dopants
  • PX906 DST Module 5: Manufacturing the Future: Industrial Diamond
  • PX907 DST Module 8: Diamond Photonics and Quantum Devices
  • PX908 DST Module 10: Biomedical Optics and Advanced Microscopy Techniques

Some departments also offer "level 4" modules to students on postgraduate courses. A list of these is included below, but you should always check with the department concerned whether they are available on your course.

  • PX408 Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
  • PX420 Solar Magnetohydrodynamics
  • PX424 Physics Group Project
  • PX425 High Performance Computing in Physics
  • PX428 Physics Laboratory
  • PX430 Gauge Theories for Particle Physics
  • PX431 Structure & Dynamics of Solids
  • PX435 Neutrino Physics
  • PX436 General Relativity
  • PX438 Physics for Fusion Power
  • PX440 Mathematical Methods for Physicists III
  • PX441 Quantum Theory of Interacting Particles
  • PX442 Laboratory for Mathematics & Physics Students
  • PX443 Planets, Exoplanets and Life
  • PX444 The Distant Universe
  • PX445 Advanced Particle Physics
  • PX446 Condensed Matter Physics II