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  • QS904 Mastering Complex Real-World Data
  • SO915 Qualitative Methods in Social Research
  • SO916 Quantitative Methods in Social Research
  • SO923 Gender, Imperialism and International Development
  • SO929 Gender Analysis and Development Practice
  • SO944 Dissertation
  • SO945 Politics and Social Theory
  • SO9B3 Capitalism, State and Market
  • SO9B4 Market Life: Wealth and Poverty in Global Capitalism
  • SO9B6 Religion, Rights and Social Justice
  • SO9B8 Social Research for Social Change
  • SO9C1 State of Art of Sociology
  • SO9C2 Understanding Social Science
  • SO9C5 The Sociology of Urban Life
  • SO9C8 Postcolonial Theory and Politics
  • SO9C9 Transnational Media Ecologies
  • SO9D0 Feminist Pedagogy/Feminist Activism
  • SO9D1 Queering Sociology