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  • ST903 Statistical Methods
  • ST906 Financial Time Series
  • ST908 Stochastic Calculus for Finance
  • ST909 Continuous Time Finance for Interest Rate Models
  • ST910 An Invitation to Graduate Probability
  • ST911 Fundamentals of Modern Statistical Inference
  • ST912 Statistical Frontiers
  • ST915 MSFM Dissertation
  • ST952 An Introduction to Statistical Practice
  • ST955 Dissertation
  • ST957 Financial Derivatives
  • ST958 Advanced Topics in Mathematical Finance

Some departments also offer "level 4" modules to students on postgraduate courses. A list of these is included below, but you should always check with the department concerned whether they are available on your course.

  • ST401 Stochastic Methods in Finance
  • ST402 Risk Theory
  • ST403 Brownian Motion
  • ST404 Applied Statistical Modelling
  • ST405 Bayesian Forecasting and Intervention with Advanced Topics
  • ST406 Applied Stochastic Processes with Advanced Topics
  • ST407 Monte Carlo Methods
  • ST409 Medical Statistics with Advanced Topics
  • ST410 Designed Experiments with Advanced Topics
  • ST411 Dynamic Stochastic Control
  • ST412 Multivariate Statistics with Advanced Topics
  • ST413 Bayesian Statistics and Decision Theory with Advanced Topics
  • ST415 Statistics Masters Dissertation
  • ST418 Statistical Genetics and Advanced Topics
  • ST419 Advanced Topics in Data Science