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Centre for Education Studies

  • EQ102 Creativity, Culture and Learning
  • EQ103 Foundations for Learning: The Early Years
  • EQ104 International Education
  • EQ105 Social Contexts of Childhood and Education
  • EQ107 Education Today
  • EQ109 Theories of Learning
  • EQ201 Research Methods
  • EQ203 Globalisation and Education
  • EQ301 Individual Research Projects - Dissertation
  • EQ302 21st Century Educational Innovation
  • EQ303 Work-Based Study (Non-Placement)
  • EQ304 Childrens Literature in Childhood
  • EQ307 Education, race and ethnicity: inequalities in Europe
  • EQ308 Philosophy in Education
  • EQ310 Introduction to Special Educational Needs and Disability
  • EQ313 Education and Social Justice
  • EQ316 Education for Sustainability