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EQ316 - Education for Sustainability

  • Module code: EQ316
  • Module name: Education for Sustainability
  • Department: Centre for Education Studies
  • Credit: 15

Content and teaching | Assessment | Availability

Module content and teaching

Principal aims

This module introduces and critically examiners Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). It addresses ESD both as a global project and as a series of local intiatives. Key questions running through the module are: What is ESD and what change is it intended to make? What theories and assumptions have informed the development of ESD? To what extent can it deliver its key objective of transforming citizens, societies and economies? What procedures and approaches are involved in the implementation of ESD? What difference can ESD make to curricula and pedagogy? What effects has its introduction had in Early Years and Tertiary Education settings? How can the effectiveness of ESD be evidenced? What evidence is there that ESD is effective? What new developments in the field are presently under discussion?

Principal learning outcomes

Demonstrate an understanding of the key debates within ESD. Demonstrate an informed understanding of the relationship between ESD educational institutions and local, regional and global education and sustainability policies. Demonstrate a capacity to connect global issues of ESD with the diversity of local ESD programmes. Demonstrate an ability to reflect on the relationship between ESD as goals, strategies and practices.

Timetabled teaching activities

10 x 2 hour lecture/workshop 10 x 1 hour seminar

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Other essential notes

Assessment: 3,000 essay OR 1 three hour exam

Module assessment

Assessment group Assessment name Percentage
15 CATS (Module code: EQ316-15)
A (Assessed work only) 3000 word essay 100%
B (Examination only) 3 hour examination (Summer) 100%

Module availability

This module is available on the following courses:



Optional Core


  • Undergraduate Education Studies (X35B) - Year 2
  • Undergraduate Education Studies (X35B) - Year 3