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ES1A2 - Introduction to Business Management

  • Module code: ES1A2
  • Module name: Introduction to Business Management
  • Department: School of Engineering
  • Credit: 15

Content and teaching | Assessment | Availability

Module content and teaching

Principal aims

The aim of this module is to provide the students, with an appreciation of some of the practical problems and issues involved in competitively managing an engineering business. The module presents a systems view of the firm or business, consistent with many engineering models, where a collection of inputs are transformed into outputs which are valued by the customer. For the purposes of this module an engineering business is simply defined as a business that employs at least one engineer. The business could deliver a product or a service, it could be any size from a single consulting engineer to a global corporation and it can take a variety of legal forms from sole trader to public limited company.

Principal learning outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to: • Appreciate the impact of economic factors on the competitive performance of a business. • Evaluate the positioning of a business within its market and economic environment and construct recommendations for its strategic development. • Understand the process and importance of strategic marketing. • Understand the process and importance of management accounting and costing. • Appreciate the importance to a company of having a balanced portfolio of products. • Identify and apply knowledge to demonstrate an understanding of the context of own work/practice. • Demonstrate written, graphical and oral communication skills for identified work/practice and/or academic audiences.

Timetabled teaching activities

Learning activity is scheduled as 24 weeks, comprising of formally timetabled sessions and student-led activities. Intensive timetabled activity comprising of: 21 hours of lectures, 2 hours of computer-based test, 2 hours of tutorials, 3 hours of examples classes, 2 hours of revision classes, 3 hours external visit. Total 33 hours.

Other essential notes

Advice and feedback are available for answering questions on the lecture material, via online web-forum based in module support Moodle pages.

Module assessment

Assessment group Assessment name Percentage
15 CATS (Module code: ES1A2-15)
A (Assessed work only) Computer-based test 20%
  Work-based analysis report (max. 12 pages) 60%
  Work-based oral presentation 20%

Module availability

This module is available on the following courses:

  • Undergraduate Civil Engineering (Degree Apprenticeship) (H220) - Year 1
Optional Core