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French Studies

  • FR227 Prelude to Revolution: 18th Century Literature and the Call for Social Change
  • FR248 Colonial Memory
  • FR255 The Crowd in French Politics & Imagination
  • FR257 The Medieval Arthurian Romances of Chretien de Troyes
  • FR260 Women and Madness in Nineteenth-Century French Writing
  • FR305 French Crime Fiction 1945 - Present
  • FR307 The New Wave in French Cinema 1958-68
  • FR324 French Contemporary Writing from 2000 to the Present
  • FR327 Deviant Bodies, Unruly Minds: Disability and Madness in Contemporary French Culture
  • FR334 Animals in Medieval Culture
  • FR335 Gender and Representation in French Media 1970-Present
  • FR342 Eros & Reason: The Rise of the Libertine
  • FR343 Anarchist Culture in Belle Epoque Paris 1880-1914
  • FR358 Popular Theatre and Political Utopia in France, 1890–1940
  • FR359 Popular Music in Contemporary France
  • FR420 Popular Music in Contemporary France
  • FR426 Popular Theatre & Political Utopia in France 1890-1940