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Global Sustainable Development

  • GD104 Economic Principles of Global Sustainable Development
  • GD105 Environmental Principles of Global Sustainable Development
  • GD106 Social Principles of Global Sustainable Development
  • GD107 Global Sustainable Development (GSD) Project
  • GD108 Living with Water
  • GD109 Biodiversity and Ecology
  • GD200 Study Abroad Part-Year
  • GD201 Study Year Abroad
  • GD202 Work Placement Year
  • GD203 Keeping the Phoenix Flying or Clipping its Wings? Learning through Research into the Praxis of Local Sustainable Dev.
  • GD204 Health and Sustainable Development
  • GD302 Surviving the Apocalypse
  • GD303 Inequalities and Sustainable Development: Inclusion and Dignity for All
  • GD304 Security, Sovereignty and Sustainability in the Global Food System
  • GD305 Challenges of Climate Change
  • GD306 Achieving Sustainability: Potentials and Barriers
  • GD307 Dissertation/Independent Study
  • GD309 Debt, Money, and Global Sustainable Development
  • GD310 World of Work: Global Perspectives on Labour and Livelihoods
  • GD311 The Energy Trilemma
  • GD312 Realising Sustainable Development
  • GD313 Human Rights and Social Justice in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • GD314 Work Placement Part-Year