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Hispanic Studies

  • HP101 Modern Spanish Language I
  • HP102 Modern Spanish Language for Beginners
  • HP103 Language, Text and Identity in the Hispanic World
  • HP104 Images and Representations of the Hispanic World
  • HP201 Modern Spanish Language II
  • HP202 Modern Spanish Language 2 (Post Beginners)
  • HP301 Modern Spanish Language III
  • HP303 Postmodernism and Popular Culture in Latin America
  • HP310 Spain and the Philippines at Empire's End
  • HP313 Cultural Connections, Digital Histories: Britain and the 19th-century Hispanic World
  • HP314 Latin American Counterpoints: Cultural Representations of Slavery in the 20th Century
  • HP316 Ilusion and Reality, Doubt and Deceit: The Baroque Obsession with Uncertainty
  • HP317 Love, Death, and Desire in the Golden Age
  • HP319 Journeys and Cityscapes in Latin American Film
  • HP320 Screening to Spain: Spanish Film in Context
  • HP322 Migrant Stories: Translingual Texts in Contemporary Spain