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Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning

  • IL002 Navigating Psychopathology
  • IL005 Applied Imagination: Theory and Practice
  • IL008 Reinventing Education
  • IL016 The Science of Music
  • IL017 Community Engagement: Theory into Practice
  • IL018 Censorship and Society
  • IL020 Entrepreneurship: A Critical Perspective
  • IL023 Genetics: Science & Society
  • IL024 Laughter: A Transdisciplinary Approach
  • IL025 Applied Imagination: Student-led long project
  • IL026 Gender and Violence
  • IL027 Interdisciplinary Computer Modelling
  • IL028 Understanding Wellbeing: Theory and Practice
  • IL029 An Introduction to Design Thinking Theory and Practice
  • IL030 South Asia in Britain: Connections, Communities and Conflict