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Liberal Arts

  • IP102 Science, Society and the Media
  • IP103 Art & Revolution
  • IP108 Qualitative Methods for Undergraduate Research
  • IP109 Problems in Governance: The European Union
  • IP201 Sustainability: Frameworks, Challenges and Opportunities
  • IP204 The Apocalyptic Imaginary
  • IP205 Consumption
  • IP206 Utopia: Text, Theory, Practice
  • IP207 Study Year Abroad
  • IP208 Work Placement Year
  • IP302 Final year Dissertation/Project
  • IP303 A Sustainable Serenissima: Water, Fire, and the Future of Venice
  • IP304 Posthumous Geographies I: Underworlds
  • IP305 Posthumous Geographies II: Paradises
  • IP306 Impact Evaluation: Frameworks for implementing and assessing transdisciplinary Interventions
  • IP307 Study Abroad Part-Year
  • IP308 Work Placement Half-Year
  • IP310 The Monarch: The Role of the Head of State in the British Political System (since 1952).