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IT302 - Italian Women's Writing (I): Voices of Protest

  • Module code: IT302
  • Module name: Italian Women's Writing (I): Voices of Protest
  • Department: School of Modern Languages and Cultures
  • Credit: 15

Content and teaching | Assessment | Availability

Module content and teaching

Principal aims

This module aims to enhance students’ understanding of Italian literary and intellectual culture through an analysis of a series of texts by Italian women writers. Students will develop a detailed knowledge of Italian women’s writing in the twentieth century, paying particular attention to the Italian women’s movement of the 1970s and 1980s and the struggle for legal reforms which constitute the social and political context of the set texts. Students will also be introduced to some of the concepts and theories proposed by Italian feminist thinkers and will be encouraged to explore theories of gender and identity. Issues discussed will include women’s search for autonomy, the mother-daughter relationship and the relationship between public and private lives. The module also aims to encourage a critical awareness of terminology: Why do some of these writers refuse the label of ‘feminist’ or ‘woman writer’?

Principal learning outcomes

Identify a history of the development of Italian women’s writing in the twentieth century and to place this within the context of a broader social, cultural and political history of Italy; demonstrate detailed and informed knowledge of the writings of key authors during the 1970s and 1980s; demonstrate; an informed knowledge of the Italian women’s movement since the 1970s; demonstrate an understanding of feminist criticism including the debates and theories proposed by Italian feminist thinkers and their relationship to feminist movements in Europe and beyond; provide (in both written and oral form) an analysis of the representation of female subjectivity in the set texts which is informed by feminist critical theory. Employ Italian language skills to a high level in the reading of literary texts and theoretical essays.

Timetabled teaching activities

Weekly lecture and seminar

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Module assessment

Assessment group Assessment name Percentage
15 CATS (Module code: IT302-15)
A1 (Assessed work only) 2000-2500 word essay 50%
  Portfolio of Work 50%
C (Assessed/examined work) 2500 word essay 50%
  1 hour examination 50%

Module availability

This module is available on the following courses:



Optional Core


  • Undergraduate Politics, International Studies and Italian (M165) - Year 2
  • Undergraduate Spanish Studies and Italian Studies (R4R3) - Year 2
  • Undergraduate Italian and European Literature (RQ32) - Year 4
  • Undergraduate Language, Culture and Communication (X3Q5) - Year 2