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PH140 - Ancient Philosophy

  • Module code: PH140
  • Module name: Ancient Philosophy
  • Department: Philosophy
  • Credit: 15

Content and teaching | Assessment | Availability

Module content and teaching

Principal aims

By the end of the module students should have acquired: 1. a good basic knowledge and understanding of the work of some of the key figures in Ancient Greek philosophy; 2. an appreciation of the development of philosophical thought about metaphysics, epistemology and ethics in Ancient Greece, and an ability to compare the views of key thinkers on specific topics; 3. an appreciation of the importance of Ancient Greek philosophy in the history of Western philosophy as a whole; 4. skills in reading and interpreting philosophical texts; 5. an ability to critically assess relevant arguments; 6. an ability to construct and present a lucid and rigorous argument, both orally and in writing; 7. the ability to discuss a topic in a pair or a group with clarity, patience and sensitivity to the views of others.

Timetabled teaching activities

In this module students must attend 2 hours of lectures and 1 hour of seminars per week, over the course of 10 weeks

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Module assessment

Assessment group Assessment name Percentage
15 CATS (Module code: PH140-15)
D (Assessed/examined work) 1500 word essay 15%
  2 hour examination (Summer) 85%
VA (Visiting students only) 100% assessed (part year) visiting 100%

Module availability

This module is available on the following courses:

  • Undergraduate Classical Civilisation with Philosophy (Q8V7) - Year 1
  • Undergraduate Philosophy (V700) - Year 1
  • Undergraduate Philosophy with Classical Civilisation (V7Q8) - Year 1
Optional Core
  • Undergraduate History and Philosophy (V1V5) - Year 1
  • Undergraduate Philosophy and Global Sustainable Development (V5L8) - Year 1
  • Undergraduate Philosophy and Literature (VQ72) - Year 1
  • Undergraduate Mathematics and Philosophy (GV17) - Year 1
  • Undergraduate Classical Civilisation (Q820) - Year 1
  • Undergraduate History and Philosophy (V1V5) - Year 1
  • Undergraduate Philosophy, Politics and Economics (V7ML) - Year 1
  • BA in Philosophy with Psychology (VL78) - Year 1