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Colour Corrections, Orange by Lucia Koch

Colour Corrections, Orange by Lucia Koch
Accession Code: wu0896
: Colour Corrections, Orange
Date completed
: 2009
: Sculpture
: Perspex Filter
Width (mm): 7760
Depth (mm):
Location Name: Digilab
Location Description: Back of the building
Location Floor: 0


Lucia Koch's work includes major site specific interventions in architecture across the world. She manipulates and enhances features of a building, largley through the play of light. She was intrested in the way that the Digilab had the potential to create virtual experiences. Initially, she planned to use digital technology to affect the light throughout the building but following extensive discussions, she decided to find a way to bring the unregulated, outside world into the building. She chose to work with the windows in three sites, by adding colour filters cut in the shape of traditional, domestic windows.

These filters ask the spectator to revisit their first impressions of the building. They act as an inverted palimsest; rather than seeing traces of the old through the new, the old has been superimposed upon the new. The works provide a sense of the domestic environment within this institutional building and introduce the largely unremarked language of vernacular windows, specific to different countries and continents, into this British location. Within a building where a constant environment is maintained by its orientation and the regulation of light and air by computer, the coloured filters heighten the play of light outside, the passing of the day, the changing weather and seasons.