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Hannah Starkey - 29 Pictures

Hannah Starkey - 29 Pictures

15th January - 12th March 2011

 Hannah Starkey 

Untitled, June 2007 by Hannah Starkey

Images should tell a story, they are a lingering snippet of time, that leaves the viewer questioning, what has just happened? What is about to happen? Why are these people there? What are they doing? Is the composition set up? Why has it been set up that way?

Hannah Starkey uses actors in carefully chosen settings to create lingering pictures in time that raise all of these questions, in choosing women that are ‘ordinary’ and clothed, she is challenging the ‘raunchy aspect’ of how women are represented in everyday imagery. Her work, creates a counter aesthetic for representing women. As one of the most influential and significant photographers of her generation, she creates images that emerge from the split second of the everyday and are resolved into what appears to be an extended moment in time.

People Picturing Coventry (audience led sub-exhibition)

In response to, and inspired by the Hannah Starkey exhibition, we received 74 entries for our People Picturing Coventry exhibition and competition. The photographs were in response to, and inspired by the Hannah Starkey exhibition.

The overall winner of the competition selected by Hannah Starkey is Daisy Kidd with 'Strawberry Milkshake'. Daisy wins a signed Hannah Starkey print.

More information and the Brief. 

We also had a viewers choice award where visitors could vote for their favourite photo. We were overwhelmed with responses and the winner was

'Whispers on the Breeze' by Anthony Hartwell. Anthony receives a signed catalogue from the show.

Whispers on the Breeze by Anthony Hartwell

In second place Anthony again with 'Silhouette of Thoughts'.

Silhouette of Thoughts by Anthony Hartwell

In third place Daisy Kidd with 'Strawberry Milkshake'.

Strawberry Milkshake by Daisy Kidd

Congratulations go to all entrants for helping us to make People Picturing Coventry a great success.


1/03/11 Hannah Starkey in conversation with Curator Sarah Shalgosky. For all those that missed the event, or those that want to listen to Hannah again, there is a podcast of the event available here.