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Lindsay Seers - It has to be this way 2

9th October - 11th December 2010

Lindsay Seers seeks to unravel the mystery surrounding the strange disappearance of her stepsister Christine Park who suffered memory loss following a moped accident in Rome. Taking old letters, her stepsister’s notes, her mother’s memories and a box of photographs as her point of departure, she sets out to find the truth. She creates extraordinary environments for her exploration of multi-layered and deeply personal narratives. Within the gallery, a viewing chamber forms part of a sculptural installation housing a double-screen video projection and two monitor works. Her strange and beautifully told histories meld art, science and philosophy in an ongoing investigation into the shaping and dramatisation of the self. Co-commissioned by the National Gallery of Denmark and the Mead Gallery in association with Matt’s Gallery, London.


To compliment this exhibition we have alongside it Piranesi's Prisons.  This exhibition of prints from the eighteenth century Italian artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi creates a dialogue with the Lindsay Seer's work and their shared preoccupations with light and dark, reality and fantasy, loss and displacement. This suite of Piransi prints on loan from the University of Manchester are part of a Venetian tradition of capricci or imaginary subjects. Piranesi created 16 haunting images of imaginary prisons. Towering, fantastic architecture, driven by endless staircases and punctuated by dreadful machinery creates nightmarish scenes that have fuelled the imagination of Romantic writers such a Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Edgar Allen Poe and the creators of computer games such as Ico and Counter-Strike.