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We found love in the '80s

We are so glad you found love in the 80s!

Here's a bit more information about what we want to do:

What ….

We want to find ten couples with a story to tell about their path to love in Coventry in the 1980s. This is a project about our city. If you didn’t find love in Coventry and you don’t live here now, your story is not the focus for this project. Sorry!

Who we are …

Dawinder Bansal is an award winning artist who grew up in the West Midlands. We’ve asked Liz Leck who has been based in Coventry a long time and worked with many communities when she was at the Belgrade Theatre, to help us meet people.

How do people send us their stories?

Please fill in the form below. We will read every story and if we think you could be one of our ten couples, we will contact you and Liz and Dawinder will arrange to meet you.

VERY IMPORTANT: We want to tell your story to the rest of the UK. If you are not comfortable with this, please think now whether you want to be involved.

What else are you interested in?

We are interested to find out about any special clothing or objects that are souvenirs of that time. It might be that you don’t have them anymore but if you have photographs of them, we’d love to see those.

What happens if your story is selected?

If your story is chosen, we will invite you to come to Warwick Arts Centre at the end of May or beginning of June – don’t worry, we’ll send a taxi! Dawinder will interview you and film you telling your story. We would also like to take a photograph of you. Dawinder will turn the ten stories into a film.

What is the end result?

In September at Warwick Arts Centre, we will create a room like an 80s party with music, your photographic portraits and images of your memorabilia. The film will also be shown in this space. We hope other cities will want to show our film as well. The love of Coventry will be spread around!

When does this happen?

Everyone who participates will be invited to come to celebrate at a free party at Warwick Arts Centre on Saturday19 September 2020. The exhibition and the film will be on show for a week and we hope others will come to enjoy the film and to share their own stories of love.

If you have any questions or want to find out more please email or call Liz Leck - 07469 020707

Privacy statement

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We take data protection seriously and are committed to protecting your personal data and are transparent about the information Warwick Arts Centre holds about you. Please refer to our Privacy Notice which informs you how we use and look after your personal data when you engage with Warwick Arts Centre, and also inform you of your privacy rights. This can be found at or call the Box Office team on 024 765 24524 for a copy.

We will keep your personal information securely and not share it with anyone else.  At the end of the project it will be destroyed.

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