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Family Fun


Family Fun

If you and your family have some free time and you are looking for something fun to do, why not visit the University of Warwick and find out about our Art Collection.

We have a sculpture trail leaflet which includes 16 different sculptures from the University collection and a map to help you find them. We have produced activity sheets too which you can use whilst you go round. If you are feeling adventurous you can also try and make your way from one sculpture to another just using our instructions and clues rather than following the map.

All our activity sheets and the trail can be printed off from this page or if you don't have a printer pop up to the Mead Gallery within the Arts Centre and we will give you copies. The Mead Gallery is open from 12 until 9pm Monday to Saturday during term time. Outside of term time copies of the sculpture trail leaflet can be found at the Box Office in the Arts Centre.

Sculpture Trail Leaflet (PDF Document)

Children's Sculpture Trail Leaflet (PDF Document)

Sculpture Activity Sheets (Word Document)

Clues for a Mystery Sculpture Trail (Word Document)

If you have a go at our trail we would love to hear how you got on, please leave a comment below.

Forest Planet Sculptures Activity Sheet (PDF Document)

Koan Sculpture Activity Sheet (PDF Document)

Op Mobile No. 10 Activity Sheet (PDF Document)

How to Look at Art (PDF Document)