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Amanda Gaskell

Amanda Gaskell

This Cover Letter secured the candidate a summer internship with a reputable Media firm, in her pursuit to develop a career in Journalism. Notice how she ‘markets’ her very relevant academic work, her experience studying abroad and knowledge of current affairs, presenting them as great assets for the role.

Read the job advert for the role and then take a look at the letter.

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23 University Road,

Dear Ms Smith,

I am writing to apply for a place on the three-month internship, which will involve working on the 2012-13 edition of Future magazine. I am about to complete my final year of study at the University of Warwick where I am taking a course in Comparative American Studies. I am committed to seeking a future career in journalism and publication editing and I believe that a summer placement with Future Media Ltd would offer me an invaluable opportunity to progress towards this goal.

I feel that the unique experiences that I have already attained and the skills which I have gained as a result, would allow me to bring a lot to this placement in return. One of the key aspects that influenced my decision to apply for this placement is Future Media’s dedication to providing an insight into the workings of the African and Afro-Caribbean communities in the UK. At a smaller scale, this has been the fundamental approach to my current dissertation project of 8000 words about the status of women in Jamaican dancehall culture, where I researched through recent newspapers and conducted first-hand interviews with the Jamaican public in order to gage the differing perceptions of Caribbean culture in the UK.

Throughout my time as a student I have been assigned a number of similar tasks which have strongly benefitted my reading, research and writing abilities. Therefore I am confident that I have the skills needed for formulating and implementing ideas for the production of Future magazine. Future Media Ltd’s ambition to improve the perception of young black people in the United Kingdom is another characteristic of the firm that greatly appeals to me. My year abroad at the University of California Riverside, United States and the recent London Riots in summer 2011 both sparked my interest in the inner workings of race, social status and gender injustice amongst ethnic youths in our society, particularly those who belong to communities of the African Diaspora.

I am also interested in the opportunity to assist in the organisation of the Future Launch Event taking place in September. While volunteering as a Youth Supervisor of year ten students, I helped to organise a talent show and dance, which involved arranging the list of talent, decorating the room and setting up the DJ system. Therefore I wish to bring my experience of event organising into the role. Furthermore I feel that my current job as Student Admin Assistant with Warwick Student’s Union has maximised my capacity to interact professionally and confidently with a diverse set of people. I have had to talk with students daily about the social activities we provide as a union and the events that our societies plan on campus. Whilst I have demonstrated my ability to work independently, I have no problem building strong relationships with my university colleagues or working as part of a team. With the added benefit of being able to speak Spanish I am sure in my ability to liaise with invitees at the event.

Ultimately, I believe that what has allowed me to shine both academically and in other aspects of my life, such as, my current job and living for a year in the United States, have showcased my ability to work to the highest standards in any activity that I embark upon. I am positive that I can bring my individual skills to any work which I may undertake at Future Media Ltd, whilst learning more about the processes behind putting together a magazine, thus helping to prepare me for a future in journalism. Please take the time to review my CV demonstrating my educational and employment histor. Thank you very much for considering my application, and I hope to make a positive addition to the team at Future Media.

Yours sincerely,
Amanda Gaskell

We don't believe that any Covering Letter is perfect but one very like this has worked for our students. Remember this letter is based on a real letter, but details in this example have been anonomised. Information such as name, organisations mentioned, and projects that would identify an individual may have been changed.