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Felicity Renfield

Felicity RenfieldFelicity is about to enter her final year at University, and is applying for a Winter Placement Scheme with a law firm. Submitting a covering letter is part of her application.

1. Read the job advert and then Felicity's draft letter below and make a list of things you would advise her to change.

2. Turn comments to reveal the areas picked up and advice given by an expert adviser, and compare your advice with theirs.
3. To see these changes incorporated into a final version of Felicity's letter. The finished version represents a good example letter. Show the version.
Felicity Renfield
78 Winterton Avenue,
Telephone: 076449 556 884
14th September 2010

Dear Ms Thompson,

I am writing to apply for a place on the Hall & Moon 2010 Winter Placement Scheme. I am about to enter my final year of study at the University of Warwick, where I am reading English Literature, and I plan to pursue a career in law.

Furthermore, I feel that the unique experiences which I have already attained, and the skills which I have honed as a result, would allow me to bring a lot to this placement in return. Your training contract programme links in some ways to my previous work experience with Ivorance and Partners. I am confident, therefore, that the responsibilities I had for approaching different members of the team, and this was an opportunity which I rose to and strongly benefitted from. I was able to maximise my capacity to interact professionally and confidently with those around me, a skill which I have developed particularly in my job as a Student Caller. Consequently, I am confident that the non-rotational programme adopted by Hall & Moon in both the training contract and the placement schemes is one ideally suited to my personal strengths.

Hall & Moon’s reputation as a truly global law firm is also an aspect of the firm which greatly appeals to me, mainly because of my Spanish skills. Moreover, my work experience at Ivorance & Partners also sparked my keen interest in property law, following the significant experience I gained in the firm’s real estate department. The consistent world-class ranking of the Hall & Moon real estate practice by Bloomberg inspired me to apply for a placement at the firm. I am keen to gain further experience at a firm which participates in noteworthy deals, something that Hall & Moon does in abundance.

My voluntary work for Warwick Volunteers ties in line, also, with Hall & Moon‘s pro bono work. This encourages me that the firm is one at which I hope not only to complete a placement, but where I would love to base my future career.

Please find enclosed my CV. Thank you very much for considering my application, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Felicity Renfield


We don't believe that any Covering Letter is perfect but one very like this has worked for our students. Remember this letter is based on a real letter, but details in this example have been anonomised. Information such as name, organisations mentioned, and projects that would identify an individual may have been changed.