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Covering letter example: John Wilcox


John is coming to the final months of his graduate scheme, and is looking progress on his career path within the company. Submitting a covering letter is required for the post.

6 Tabletop Street,
OX15 6JJ,
078789 112 445


Angela Richmond,
Training and Development Manager,
Oxfordshire Building Society

Dear Angela,

I am writing regarding the Development Adviser role, as advertised through your website.

As I come towards the end of a much varied and frequently dynamic Graduate Training Scheme I am keen to find a new challenge to further develop the skills I have already acquired. I see this role as an excellent fit, both in terms of granting me the opportunity to diversify my skills but also, most importantly, because I see that my current talents would provide real added value to your team.

Throughout my 18-month programme I have frequently shown my ability to adapt to new scenarios and perform at the highest level, whether that is in terms of people management, producing written documentation or learning how to utilise new technologies. I have also shown a consistent ability to communicate to a range of stakeholders; running workshops across the business, delivering reports to higher management and dealing with external suppliers such as the Business Portfolio Management Service, Sterial. Added to this, I have experience with Procurement having recently developed questions and provided assessment of a new tender regarding our internal file management system. I believe that all of these experiences would be hugely beneficial in assisting me to do well in this new role.

Added to these I would also add that I was brought in to assist the Portfolio Management team in putting together a training plan for around 200 employees. I think this gives me the added benefit of not only knowing some of the difficulties faced in using external trainers, but also a better understanding of how this can affect the business as a whole.

I hope that the attached CV will provide further information regarding some of my key competencies and hope that I will have the opportunities to discuss these with you further in the near future.

Yours sincerely,

John Wilcox

We don't believe that any covering letter or personal statement is perfect but one very like this has worked for our students. Remember this is based on a real covering letter, but details in this example have been anonomised. Information such as name, organisations mentioned, and projects that would identify an individual may have been changed.