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Serena Navotna: Cover Letter

Alexandra GazeThis cover letter was part of a student’s application to a well-known sports-wear company’s Graduate Programme for 2012. In it the student demonstrates some of the key skills and qualities outlined in the ‘Requirements’ for the role. The student also uses “competitive” and “team-focused” language in the letter to convince the employer that she will “fit in” at the company. This is particularly important as employers are focused on whether you have the skills and whether you would fit with their organisational culture when evaluating your application. Please note, the name of the student and company have been changed.

You can view the job advert before reading the cover letter to see how the candidate has covered key aspects of the role in the text.

Turn comments to see instances of 'good practice' and 'areas for development' as identified by a Job Search Adviser.

Serena Navotna
14 Champions Walk
CV94 4CV
Theresa Martin
Head of Graduate Recruitment
Pegasus Group

Dear Ms Martin,

I would like to apply for a role in the sales function on the Functional Trainee Programme advertised on your website. I am graduating in July with a BA (Hons) degree in French and German Studies from the University of Warwick and am currently predicted a 2:1. Being culturally open-minded and having such a passion for new experiences, I would love the opportunity to work within a large, international company like Pegasus and feel I have the skills, experience and personality necessary to be able to contribute in return.

I feel that my grasp of the German and French languages fits perfectly with the international nature of the company. As part of my degree I worked in Germany for nine months as an English Language Assistant, teaching students aged 16-23 years old. As part of my job I had to plan and deliver lessons in an interesting way to engage the students, and I also ran my own conversation class in which I encouraged discussion and debate on current issues.

In addition, I have experience within the retail industry where I have worked as a sales assistant in a high end women’s boot store from the age of sixteen. As a teenager, I was bored every weekend, so I took it upon myself to find a job. Despite my lack of experience, I was determined to succeed and ultimately I became one of the longest standing and highly respected members of staff: customers often commented that they remembered me, brought gifts as a symbol of thanks and I was once embraced by a customer who claimed I had changed her life! The company was very unique and innovative, balancing fashion and the latest trends with a great fit and a product that enhances people’s lives, much like Pegasus does. Such an environment really inspired me and I believe that at Pegasus the bar will be raised even higher, but I am capable, ready and willing to step up. My passion and persistence fits well with the Pegasus ‘Passion for Play’ slogan.

At university I was elected Vice President and Costume Co-ordinator for the University of Warwick Bellydance Society 09/10. My greatest achievement was creating our very first calendar which we sold to increase profits for the society. I collaborated with outside companies and executive and society members to source beautiful costumes to be worn in the photographs. I also wanted to make my mark on the society and took initiative to implement a new design for the society hoody, changing it from an ill-fitting masculine style, to a much more feminine zip-up style. My time in this position greatly developed my teamwork, negotiation and co-operation skills, which are all transferable and very useful for a role in a sales function.

I am a very pro-active person and am always looking for an exciting new opportunity with a view to expanding my experiences. It was for this reason that I jumped at the chance to get involved in the Olympic Games in London 2012 and was chosen to work as an Event Services Team Member. Again this will be a valuable way of increasing my communication skills and will expose me to a hugely international event. I am extremely excited and will wear my uniform with pride!

As you can see, I believe that we could be ‘the perfect match’ as I am someone driven by a passion for sports, style and team work. I enclose my CV and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Serena Navotna

We don't believe that any Covering Letter is perfect but one very like this has worked for our students. Remember this letter is based on a real letter, but details in this example have been anonomised. Information such as name, organisations mentioned, and projects that would identify an individual may have been changed.