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Siobhan Lakeland: Cover Letter

Siobhan Lakeland

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24 Robin Close
Ms E. Harrington
Graduate Recruitment Manager
4 Gladthorpe Business Centre,
Farmwell Way, Gladthorpe,
Surrey, GU11 4RD

Dear Ms. Harrington,

I am writing with regards to the Assistant Director position, which I became aware of through the advert on the Warwick University Careers Service webpage. I am in my fourth and final year at Warwick University studying Chemistry and feel I have the necessary skills and experience to bring value to your team.

Upon looking at your website I was immediately impressed by how your company puts emphasis on motivating and inspiring children to achieve their best. After further research into the Assistant Director role I was particularly attracted to the variety of business areas that would be covered during training and the opportunity to take responsibility for my own progression through the training scheme. I also like that the position includes involvement with the tuition and progression of the children alongside the management role. Although I’m leaving education I am looking for a job where I will be pushed to develop and grow new skills to equip me for later in life, and I believe Explore Learning provides an inspiring environment to achieve this goal.

I suit this position because I am a natural motivator and organiser, as can be seen through my role as Team Captain of the UK Gymnastics Squad in which I led my team to represent Great Britain at both the European Championships 2009 and World Championships in 2010. The time-management skills I have learnt from training and competing as an international athlete whilst simultaneously studying for my degree show that I can confidently meet deadlines and work under pressure. As a Camp Counsellor in America this summer I developed self confidence in making independent decisions because I was responsible for supervising and running activities with the children, often alone. I resolved many difficult situations I was faced with by myself. As Director of the Gymnastics Program at camp I was also responsible for collaborating with the other sports instructors to organise multi-sports sessions.

Recently I have moved away from competitive gymnastics and progressed to passing on my expertise as a coach. Although I have been enthusiastic to help children achieve their potential through the role of Assistant Coach since the age of seventeen, this year I became a newly qualified Level 2 Coach. I have also recently taken on the role as coach for a grass roots level team who have never competed before, and I aspire to develop their skills to produce a competition team for next year. I feel this passion for finding the best in people is a key factor in my interest in working for Explore Learning.

I am confident that I can bring the skills I have gained from my unique experiences to any situation I am faced with at Explore Learning. I am looking to start work in September 2012, after a summer of volunteering and travel in South America. Please find enclosed my CV and application form. Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Siobhan Lakeland

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