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CV example: Amanda Gaskell

Amanda Gaskell

This CV secured the candidate a summer internship with a reputable Media firm, in her pursuit to develop a career in Journalism. Notice how she has tailored her CV to the job description, focusing on her organisational and administrative skills which are key requirements for the role.

Read the Job advert Then review Amanda's CV below.

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Amanda Gaskell

23 University Road, Coventry CV4 7BX
Mobile: 0787 987 8235



SEP 2008 - Jun 2012

University of Warwick BA in Comparative American Studies.

  • Women and the Empowerment of Folk Dancing. A Feminist Discussion. 8000 word dissertation.
  • The Link Between Jazz Music and the Black Identity in Post-War America. 9000 word dissertation.
SEP 2010- JUN 2011 University of California Riverside (Year Abroad)3.8/4.0 GPA record
  • Modules included: Harlem Renaissance Literature, Native American Women, Creative Writing and Poetry, Spanish.
SEP 2000- JUN 2008 Prendergast Secondary School 3 Alevels: A Geography, B Spanish, B English
10 GCSEs: A*-C including English, Maths, Science and Spanish

Relevant experience

JUL 11- AUG 11
Voluntary Receptionist
  • Swiftly adapted to charity culture by means of wearing appropriate clothing, being accompanied by a carer if around the disabled children. Operated specifically within the areas that were delegated for me to work.
  • Sorted through children’s personal statements, attendance/lunch/activities documents. Updated client monthly attendance data into spreadsheets using MS Word and Excel.
  • Exercised individual creativity organising a presentation for an employee meeting using MS PowerPoint.
  • Answered incoming calls for the head office and took messages.
JUN 09 –AUG 09
Blacklaws Davis
LLP Solicitors
 Receptionist/Admin Assistant
  • Filed and organised office bundles (legal documents) for court hearings. Copied files, faxed email messages, franked and posted letters.
  • Successfullycoped with difficult or distressed clients in a professional, helpful and informative manner.
  • Developed ability to prioritise and manage time supporting legal staff, working quickly and efficiently towards office deadlines.
  • Took incoming calls and arranged appointments at the reception or over the phone. Assisted incoming clients.
JUL 08 (4 days)
East Anglia
University, Norwich
 Voluntary Youth Supervisor
  • Aided young people in sports sessions and programmed seminar tasks. Actively supporting them in organised group presentations. Helped set up quizzes and organise a talent show and “club night”.
  • Accompanied youths around East Anglia University as well as The City of Norwich and Cambridge University.
  • Encouraging team building and friendships between groups. Supported youths with personal dilemmas.
  • Acted as a positive representative for university students sharing my experiences and answering their queries about undergraduate life and learning.
MAR 05 (2 weeks)
The OTM Graphics Office
Voluntary Junior Designer
  • Exercised creativity and illustrative techniques drawing up advertisement designs for makeup/cream products for L’Oreal and Garnier.
  • Designed and arranged a board presentation for The Metro Newspaper of restaurant services and coffee shops to be advertised over the Christmas holidays.
  • Shadowed a photo shoot for advertising the legalisation of underground busking.
  • Practiced ability to work independently on individual projects, completing graphics task objectives to be presented to the head of office.
  • Worked with Apple Mac PC producing an advertisement to promote the benefits of being a female taxi driver.

Additional experience

OCT 09 –DEC 09
New Look Retail
Temporary Sales Assistant
  • Operated shoes/accessories stock rooms. Organised shoes on shop floors and replenished shoe stands.
  • Worked with colleagues meeting daily target margins set by managers.
  • Advised and assisted shoppers with shoe enquiries. Retrieved correct shoe sizes for customers.
  • Demonstrated responsibility handling money whilst doing some till work towards the Christmas period.
OCT 07- MAR 08

Next Retail

 Stock Room Assistant/ Kids Floor Sales Assistant

  • Worked in a team under instruction of the stockroom manager bringing in stock barrels, unpacking, attaching security tags and hanging stock deliveries.
  • Scanned clothes into the store input/output system. Prepared, organised and transported clothes around the stock rooms and shop floors in a safe manner.
  • Cleared and managed the presentation of clothes and re-stocked clothing rails on the shop floor.
  • Interacted with customers answering specific and general enquiries. Used phones to make enquiries between other Next Retail stores.

Extra curricular
achivements &


  • Achieved grade 5 with distinction in piano at The Blackheath Conservatoire School of Music and Arts.
  • Achieved grade 4 with merit in clarinet at Prendergast Secondary School.
  • Was a member of RAW (University radio station) and completed basic DJ training.

Culture Arts and Dance

  • Took part in the past Nottinghill Carnival 2011.
  • Currently learning Salsa dancing at the University of Warwick.
  • Intermediate in Spanish reading, writing and speaking.

We don't believe that any CV is perfect but one very like this has worked for our students. Remember this CV is based on a real CV, but details in this example have been anonomised. Information such as name, organisations mentioned, and projects that would identify an individual may have been changed.