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Job description

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Our Engineering Graduate Programme is accredited by the Institution of Civil Engineering and is designed to help you become Chartered as early as possible. It will give you first-hand experience across all the business processes from engineering design, procurement, construction, commissioning and plant operations, to plant management.

XXXX’s Graduates have a breathtaking range and variety of opportunities available to them with truly international career prospects. Experience on a project site, both in the UK and abroad is offered and encouraged right from the start; so that you see world-class work taking place on the ground. From day one, you can look forward to working on challenging projects.

Key skills:

The ability to take the initiative and work well in a team are crucial skills for XXXX Graduates. Our people are excited by achieving tangible results.

Finding practical solutions to complex problems is central to our success, so you’ll need more than just exceptional academic talent. You have to be able to grasp the essentials of any situation quickly, think on your feet, come up with workable ideas, and then communicate them clearly and persuasively.

Job qualification:

  • Successful candidates should be on track for a relevant 2:1 honours degree (or overseas equivalent).
  • Work experience relevant to the area you are applying to and extracurricular activities will assist in your application.