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CV example: Jinal Paul

Jinal PaulThis listing on a graduate recruitment website's regular email caught Jinal's eye. He is keen to submit an application form and CV.

1. Read the job advert and then Jinal's draft CV below and make a list of things you would advise him to change.

2. Turn comments to reveal the areas picked up and advice given by an expert CV advisor, and compare your advice with theirs.

3. To see these changes incorporated into a final version of Jinal's CV. The finished version represents a good example CV. Show the version.

Jinal Paul

Contact Information:


+44 (0) 7106582345



8 Oxford Road, Hatton, Herts, SG6 5TU.

(Holder of UK Tier 1 immigration visa)


Warwick Business School, The University of Warwick, U.K.


MSc. Finance

Sept. 2007 – Jan. 2009


Pass grade obtained



The ability of the Merton and pseudo-KMV models to predict defaults and takeovers: A case of non-financial U.K. corporations between 2003 and 2008 using daily data. (Datastream, Excel 2007 and VBA)


Warwick Engineering School, The University of Warwick, U.K.


MEng. Computer Systems Engineering

Sept. 2003 – July 2007


Upper Second Class (2.1) Honours Degree obtained


Final Year Project:

C.F.O. of a team comprised of 19 students which designed and built a Formula Student racing car to compete at U.K. national level. Team budget: £30,000.


Third Year Project:

Developed a content based image search engine, allowing users to search for images using a sample image rather than text. (Visual Basic 6.0)


Kenyatta High School, Nairobi Kenya.


Sept. 1997 – June 2003

  GCE A Level: 2A’s 1B (Maths, Design and Technology, IT);
  GCE AS Level:

1B (Physics);
  GCE O Level: 5A’s 5B’s (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, IT, English, Biology, History, Music, Gujurati, Design and Technology)
    Deputy Head Boy which included organising the prefect team, leading some six form assemblies and acting as a role model for younger years.
  Achieved Clarinet (Grade 8);  


Enrolled on the CFA Level I Program.

(June 2010)

  So far 5 of the 18 sessions have been completed, focusing on Ethical and Professional Standards, Quantitative Analysis and the beginnings of the Economics sessions.


Uchumi Capital Ltd., Kenya.

July 2009 – Present

Research Analyst

Ongoing position having now been with company for over a year

Reporting to the CEO.

Responsible for setting up the research department at Genghis.

Initiated and maintained relationships with senior “C” level executives at various publicly listed and government entities within the country.

Analysing publicly listed corporations; producing detailed equity reports on the organisations studied; marketing the reports to both existing and potential clients.

Producing regular macro-economic and fixed income reports, to be distributed to Genghis’ institutional clients.

Provide one-off reports to high net worth clients on both public and privately listed companies.

For a sample of my research work, please visit –

Jay Investment Services Ltd., Kenya. (JIS)
(Affiliate of Uchumi Capital Ltd.)

Feb. 2009 – June 2009

Research and Development Analyst

5 month post

Reported to the CEO.

Responsible for analysing and reporting on new markets and opportunities available to JIS.

Project based roles which were designed to improve sectors of Jay one step at a time.

Projects included, researching and recommending Customer Relationship Management software to enhance sales and customer service; targeting Kenyan pension funds for off-shore investments and studying the Kenyan commercial property market for potential expansion of Jay.

Credit Suisse, U.K.

July 2006 – Sept. 2006

Summer Analyst

3 month position

Reported to an Assistant Vice President.

Responsible for creating improvements to their worldwide FX risk reporting system which allowed traders to access their “risk books” directly, based on their login. Before the improvement, traders would have to go through a list of hundreds of these risk books before they could locate the one specific to them.

Created an automated email system which allowed traders to receive their risk formulae immediately. Before this, my team had to manually process each request.


U.K. National Finalist – Global Management Challenge

March 2007

Team of five selected and entered by ourselves with an immediate structure and chain of commands already set up to ensure the fluidity of our responses to tasks.

We had to handle various aspects of a virtual manufacturing business, including but not limited to R&D expenditure, assembly time, production schedule, advertising budget, prices and agent commissions.

Our team competed against players from across the UK and based on the decisions we made for each aspect of the business, the company would do well (or otherwise) each quarter.

First in Computing Studies

June 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003

First at National Level (Mathematics) – Kenyan Science Congress

May 1999

Assisted a manufacturing business maximise production using linear programming.

Delegate of the East African Model United Nations

Feb. 1999; Feb. 2000

Represented Belgium and Ghana.

Team was voted one of Top Ten (2000), a considerable achievement as none had met prior to the overall event.

Computing Experience:

Considerable experience with a number of programs:

Programming: VB and VBA (experienced); JAVA and JSP (intermediate); MATLAB (basic).
Office Suites: Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint and Publisher (experienced).
Data Analysis: Eviews (intermediate).
Finance: Datastream, Ecowin (intermediate); Reuters 3000Xtra (basic).
Other: Photoshop, InDesign, Fireworks (intermediate).


English (native), Gujarati (fluent), Hindi (intermediate), Swahili (intermediate).

Interests and
Other Activities:

Africa Society, The University of Warwick

Sept. 2004 – Sept. 2005

Elected as I.T. executive member where I developed the website for the society almost entirely from scratch. This generated far greater interest in the society than had been the case in previous years and widened the diversity of its members.

Also assisted in arranging regular cultural nights, each representing a different country on the African continent, providing students across the University a chance to experience the food and culture of Africa.


Took part in various fund raising events for my local community including an all night cycling marathon for our school and a walk for our local community hospital.

Helped design and develop Kenya’s official bid website to host the 35th 2007 IAAF World Cross Country Championship – an event which Kenya eventually went on to host.

I thoroughly enjoy travelling and am an amateur photographer.


References are provided on request.

J. Paul; +44 (0) 710658989

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