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CV example: Julia Matthews

Julia MatthewsJulia is a former languages student at Warwick, with marketing, project management and international experience. She is looking to apply now for a fundraising post in a charity.

1. Read the job application. Then review Julia's draft CV below and make a list of things you would advise her to change.

2. Turn comments to reveal the areas picked up and advice given by an expert CV advisor. Click on any of the higlighted areas to reveal expert advice, and then compare your advice with theirs.

3. To see these changes incorporated into a final version of Julia's CV. The finished version represents a good example CV. Show the version.

Julia Matthews BA

(Hons) 07777222333
Weston Heath, London


Transcontinental life and work has allowed me to adopt a truly global approach. My fluency in Spanish, basic Mandarin and first-class communication skills allow me to smoothly transcend international barriers. This allows me to build relationships quickly in an open and complimentary manner. My passion for creative change allows me to act as an innovative leader and to achieve many successes in spite of inadequate funding and restrictive policies. Ideally I would like to join a proactive and responsibly aware organisation that encourages their employees to be dynamic and commends initiative.

Key Skills

Change Management
Combining logical and lateral thought to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of achievements. Able to influence and negotiate change, creating practical solutions to varied problems.
Computer Literacy
Confident in Microsoft Office products. Experienced in maintaining and updating databases. Excellent typing skills. Quick ability to learn the use and development of specialised computer programs.
Customer Care
Excellent service provision. Sophisticated communication skills. Confident in face-to-face problem resolution.
Financial Awareness
Working within a budget. Reviewing expenditure. Setting annual budget allocation. Assessing and granting financial awards.
Linguistic Proficiency
Fluent in Spanish: reading, writing and speaking. Basic conversational Mandarin. Able to acknowledge and accept different attitudes.
Project Management
Experienced in team leadership. Able to work to a deadline. History of overcoming challenges with passion and creativity.
Target Realisation
Appreciating and implementing a company’s ethos and long-term objectives. Successfully leading projects through to completion and delivering concise, proactive reports on progress.

Employment History

2008-2009 Teaching English in China
I designed and inspired progressive, vibrant lessons for Chinese children aged between 3 and 12 years of age. I targeted adult lessons to complement existing skills and increase confidence. I coordinated complex, multi-level schedules that combined school and national educational objectives.
2006-2007 Personal Administrator to Operations Manager
Proficient management of the constant high volume of internal and external communications was optimized as I streamlined the filing system, resulting in more efficiently processed expense claims. I introduced more professional and comprehensive modes of information distribution to better advise visitors.
Summer 2006 Warwick Conference and Events Assistant
Working in such a diverse atmosphere meant that I quickly learnt to successfully overcome obstacles and resolve problems in an imaginative manner. I met with the client before and after each event and maintained contact to ensure customer satisfaction; this, combined with my professional and friendly attitude ensured repeat business.
Summer 2005 Communications Officer at Brittany Ferries

Greeting a guest in their native language exceeded expectations and enabled me to form closer company-client relationships. Having created a more secure and welcoming partnership I was able to optimise service provision and reduce the stress incurred during travel, thus installing a greater sense of trust and well-being.

2004-2005 English Teaching Assistant in Spain
Total submersion in a new country, culture and language proved a tough, but rewarding experience. With the elementary classes I arranged imaginative projects designed to make linguistic learning fun and easy. My confident, determined attitude stimulated the mature students to maximise their abilities, allowing their confidence in a second language to blossom.

Voluntary Commitments

Charity Trusteeship - University of Warwick Students’ Union
I wanted to apply global concepts at a local level: recycling on campus, provision of fair-trade products, and challenging racism and inequality. This required commitment and dedication as I learned to evaluate the long-term impact of the Student Union upon the local community. The socio-political consciousness of the membership was paramount as I examined financial decisions and strove to safeguard the sustainability of the organisation.
Executive Committee - University of Warwick Students’ Union
I planned and oversaw the execution of several short and long-term projects directly affecting students on campus and the larger student body. I developed a strong financial understanding, learning to critically analyse monthly reports and produce accurate budgets projections. I actively sought feedback to ensure the appropriate evolution of key services; working closely with the Senior Management Team we devised pragmatic and profitable solutions, and applied for an £11.5 million loan to rebuild the facility.
Student-Staff Liaison Committee Chair - University of Warwick Spanish Department
I collated problems and criticisms from my departmental peers. I presented these to the teaching staff and Head of the Spanish Department twice a term, and devised plans to effectively deal with each issue. In collaboration with the Department and the Library, I successfully underlined a significant lack of books. The students were asking for better communication, so, I structured and instigated a mentoring system to welcome new undergraduates, providing an easy, peer-led forum to provide additional support.
Welfare Committee Chair - University of Warwick Students’ Union
Research provided a genuine understanding of situation and context enabling me to direct an original and innovative style of marketing campaign. Working under diverse pressures with changing priorities I used my initiative and leadership skills to encourage the Committee to tailor each idea to suit a specific audience, this pro-active approach earned consistent praise and recognition. In this role, I also took control of volunteer development, team training and conflict management.


2003-2007 University of Warwick 2.1 Spanish Studies BA (Hons)
In addition to gaining fluency in a second language, my degree structure allowed me to mould my studies to reflect my interests in current affairs, cultural differences and literary classics. I developed a social awareness of the language and the country that was the basis of my degree.
2000-2002 Leftside College A-Level History (B) Music (B) Theatre Studies (C) Italian (C)
1995-2000 Julian Wright Secondary School 10 GCSEs Grades A*-B, GNVQ I.T.

We don't believe that any CV is perfect but one very like this has worked for our students. Remember this CV is based on a real CV, but details in this example have been anonomised. Information such as name, organisations mentioned, and projects that would identify an individual may have been changed.