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Job Title: Fundraising Activities Manager

Objectives: To thoroughly and distinctively promote the aims and activities of the Charity in order to generate wider awareness of its cause. Following this, to ensure funding is available the best service available is provided in accordance with the needs of our target groups.


The applicant will need to be able to show an aptitude for:
  • Furthering our current funding database by the creation and maintenance of new partnerships, whilst developing already extant working relationships. This will include reporting back to individuals and client groups supporting the charity, and providing consistent lines of communication materials.
  • Collaborating with colleagues on such projects, whilst working together on new proposals and presentation materials.
  • Planning and assisting in the logistics of our wide spread of fundraising activities.
  • Negotiation and selling concepts to potential givers.
  • Research, both in terms of potential partners but also in the field of marketing with regards to the development of our fundraising activities.
  • Failiarity with a range of Microsoft Office programmes would be desirable.