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CV example: Matthias Adamkus

This CV secured a 1st Year Law Student a summer internship with a regional Law Firm. Notice how he has tailored his CV to emphasise all his relevant legal experience achieved through his numerous pursuits, including work experience, academic study, and extra-curricular activities.

Turn comments to see instances of 'good practice' and 'areas for further development' as identified by a Job Search Adviser.


Matthias Adamkus

15 Warwick University Road, Coventry CV4 7AL



University of Warwick – LLB (QD) of Law 1st /2:1 expected

  • Year 1 modules include: Tort Law, Criminal Law, Introduction to the Law of Property Relations, the Modern English Legal System and Introduction to Legal Theory.

Vilnius District High School, Lithuania

  • A levels: History (9/10), English (9/10), Mathematics (8/10), Lithuanian (8/10). B levels: Physics (10/10), Economics (10/10)
  • National State exams: History (97%), English (93%), Mathematics (93%), Lithuanian (97%)

Relevant legal experience


“The Student Journal of Law”, Warwick University, Article Author

  • Wrote and published my article entitled “Employment contracts and social guarantees on trade unions in the EU, the USA and China”.
  • Gained significant knowledge about trade unions all over the world, had an opportunity to compare them, their development and impact, understood the challenges they have to cope with.

Vilnius City Notary Office No. 36, Lithuania, Lawyer Assistant

  • Developed my communication skills and effectiveness in interacting with people through receiving clients’ calls, scheduling appointments for them and familiarising them with their duties and rights.
  • Improved my ability to remain focussed and calm under pressure while dealing with multiple tasks and clients, work individually and be highly organised by preparing clients’ documents for the notarial acts.

“Lietuvos rytas” Cheerleading Team, Lithuania, Captain

  • Developed my leadership skills by organising various participations in competitions and basketball matches, inspiring and encouraging the team of twelve members.
  • Attempted to establish my own dancing school in 2011. By this experience I got familiarised with the process of establishing the legal entity, faced legal and financial problems and improved expense calculation and planning skills. Did not pursue further, opted to pursue Law degree.

“Civitas”, Lithuania, Member

  • Always took an active role in arguments in these civic education courses, organised by a former Lithuanian Minister of Culture and Education
  • Discussed and debated various current, legal and social issues with other participants.
  • Gained essential knowledge about the work of State Government.

“Young Lawyer Academy”, Lithuania, Member

  • Attended lectures which were delivered by prominent public figures - lawyers, economists, government organs.
  • Introduced to the theoretical basis of Criminal, European Union, Labour and Roman law.
  • Became familiar with topics such as labour, payment, illegal employment, member management mechanism, criminal offences, batteries, assaults, European institutions.

Additional experience and extra curricular activities


Hotel “Embassy”, Lithuania, Cleaner

  • Worked in team of three, responsible for hygiene standards in a lobby, corridors and five rooms. This contributed to my team – working skills, taught me responsibility and time management

Vilnius District High School, Lithuania, Member of School Self – Government body

  • Successfully organised large school events by inviting and urging various artists and guests to perform.
  • Received formal school recognition for my initiative and passion.
Active member of Warwick Law Society, Warwick Entrepreneurs Society, Warwick Finance Society, Warwick Lithuanian Society and Warwick Cheerleaders Society.

We don't believe that any CV is perfect but one very like this has worked for our students. Remember this CV is based on a real CV, but details in this example have been anonomised. Information such as name, organisations mentioned, and projects that would identify an individual may have been changed.