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Warwick Graduate Internships

Warwick Graduate Internships (WGI) Programme 2017/18 is now closed for registrations from Host Organisations

For 2017/2018 we have been overwhelmed with the number of vacancies submitted and have been busy approving roles to be included in the offering. Thanks to part-funding by Santander Universities and generous donations from Warwick alumni and friends, The University of Warwick is offering a new managed programme which will give support to both Internship providers and the graduates taking part. Thank you once again to all those that have offered a vacancy as part of our Warwick Graduate Internships programme (WGI). All roles will become live from Monday 2nd October until 18th October, and graduates will be applying directly to employers.

WGI 2017/18 is aiming to offer 6-weeks fully-funded managed internships starting January 2018 on a first come, first served basis. Internship duration may be extended beyond 6 weeks but at host organisations' cost. Internship providers must be able to commit to the programme timeline and satisfy the eligibility criteria. More details available below. Host organisations interested in participating are advised to start developing their internship job description using the attached template (available from 21st August on the side panel), which must be submitted by 17th September. Please take your time and consider carefully the additional skills section that has been added to the job description template this year. We will be using this as a way to promote your role to graduates. Candidates will be asked to complete a skills based application form and will submit them directly to you. Once you have successfully recruited one of our graduates, you will be invited to attend employer training either on campus or via a webinar to suit your needs. This session is designed to ensure your organisation gains the maximum benefit from the internship. Please see the schedule below for details of dates and times.

We have also developed an induction programme to prepare graduates for their internships, enabling them to hit the ground running from the moment they join your organisation. In addition to this, graduates will have access to the University’s online learning platform to support them throughout the duration of the internship.

We look forward to working with you. Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at

The Warwick Graduate Internships Programme (WGI) was launched in 2012 to bring together businesses and recent Warwick graduates in a series of internships, starting in early January each year. Employer and graduate recruitment for each cohort begins in September. From 2015, the programme is only open to SMEs, with the exception of large charities.

Part-funded by the University, the Santander Universities SME Internships programme and generous donations from Warwick alumni and friends, the programme offers employers and graduates the opportunity to benefit from the many advantages afforded by a high-quality internship.

  • Fully-funded 6-weeks Warwick graduate resource
  • A more managed programme and the opportunity to work more closely with the University of Warwick.
  • Road-test the graduate for future employment
  • Employ multiple graduates and have a cluster working on a new idea/ project
  • Gain additional resource for project related work
  • Learn from the fresh ideas and new perspective that a graduate will bring
  • Give employees supervisory experience and professional development opportunities
  • Contribute to your Corporate Social Responsibility targets.
The 2017/18 Warwick Graduate Internship Programme will provide full funding* for 6-weeks internships as follows. Note: Host organisations can choose to extend the internship after the 6 weeks at their own cost (internship must begin between 3 - 9 January 2018).
  • £1565 per internship at UK charities (of any size) - places available on a first come first served basis
  • £1565 per internship, funded by Santander Universities and The University of Warwick – places available on a first come first served basis for SME's to take part.
  • SMEs from targeted high-demand sectors including Social Guidance and Community Work, Creative Arts and Design, & Publishing, Media and Performing Arts will be given priority.

Note: as HMRC have confirmed that this is non-business grant and therefore outside the scope of VAT these payments are VAT exempt.

*Calculated based on the 2017/18 minimum hourly wage of £7.05 at 37 hours per week for 6 weeks.

The University of Warwick strongly recommends paying graduates at the National Living Wage or above to give access to a more diverse cohort of talent.

There are limited number of internships that the University of Warwick are able to fund each year and they are subject to eligibility. To avoid disappointment, we would advise you to notify us immediately once you receive the written confirmation accepting your offer from the graduate. All payments will be made via an invoicing system providing that Internship providers send in all the completed paperwork by the deadline – end of the 5th week of internship.

Organisations must be registered in the UK for payment purposes. You may wish to propose a longer internship or increase the salary to incentivise the best candidates to apply. However, please note that University of Warwick can only fully-fund the first 6 weeks.

Note: Process for claiming WGI grant can be found in: WGI Internship FAQs. SME funding also relies on organisations registering with Santander Universities - we will be in touch with host organisations when the link is open.

Warwick graduates accessing the programme are likely to share the following characteristics:

  • Around 86% will have received a 1st or 2:1
  • From all faculties: Science, Social Sciences and Arts
  • Top 10 requested sectors: Advertising, Marketing & PR, Arts, Culture and Recreation, Publishing, Media and Performing Arts, Financial and Insurance Activities, Management Consultancy, Engineering, Scientific and Technical Activities, Legal Activities, Government & Politics, Information, Communication and Media, Scientific Research, Analysis and Support
  • Top 5 requested regions: West Midlands, London, South East, South West & North West
  • 69% of interns go on to immediate graduate-level employment, either with the host company, or as a direct result of the internship
  • Note: we publish a high number of IT roles every year, most of which require the specific technical skills gained via a Computer Science degree or similar. Our Computer Science graduates enjoy a very high level of employment on graduation and these roles are rarely filled- please consider whether these roles are suitable for the programme.
Check your eligibility and register for access to this year's programme via our online form:
  1. Sign in to myAdvantage - Warwick's jobs portal*
  2. Complete the 2017/18 registration of interest form
Registration of interest does not commit your organisation to participating in WGI but will ensure that you receive communications from us about the programme.

*myAdvantage is our complete portal for reaching students and graduates, advertising vacancies, and hearing about opportunities to improve your brand awareness on campus. Students and graduates can read information about your organisation, book onto events and apply to vacancies - advertising of vacancy is completely free of charge.
Programme process & schedule

From now till 5pm Sunday 17th September 2017 Interested Host Organisations must:
  • Register on Warwick’s Registration Form. If you do not have a myAdvantage login, you will need to apply for a myAdvantage (Warwick's jobs portal) account to access the form. Note: If you are an SME, you will also need to register on 2017/18 Santander Universities portal to be eligible for their funding which will open end October.
  • Check host organisation eligibility criteria
  • Read up - new WGI model: revised internship duration, process and funding
  • Ensure that you can adhere to the strict programme schedule
  • Using the template provided, develop a high-quality internship vacancy (side panel). Well-designed internships are more likely to attract higher quality applications. Information on how to design an attractive, graduate level internship is available on Recruitment & Selection. If you have questions about the internship, please take a look at the Internship FAQs.
  • You have until 5pm Sunday 17th September to submit your internship vacancy to
9am Monday 2nd October - 5pm Sunday 22nd October 2017 Warwick publish internship vacancies on myAdvantage to graduates. Graduates will have until 5pm Sunday, 22nd October to apply using WGI application form DIRECTLY to your organisation. You may want to use this time to think about the internship shortlisting and selection process.
Monday, 23rd October - Friday 10th November 2017 You will be responsible for conducting your own shortlisting, interview and making offers directly to applicants. All recruitment and selection processes must be completed by Friday 10th November. Employers can submit WGI offers as soon as the graduate has accepted. Please note: all WGI offers must be accompanied by written proof of acceptance by the graduate candidate.
Monday 13th November - Friday 17th November 2017 If you havent done so already, this is the last week for you to follow-up with the graduate candidate for their written acceptance of your offer – you will have to submit this proof to when you advise us of your WGI offer. Please note: that there are a limited number of places available for funding, so we would advise that you get the information to use as soon as possible in order to secure your place on the programme.
9am - 5pm Monday 20th November 2017 5pm Monday 20th November (provided that there is still available funding) is the deadline for submitting your WGI offers to – this must be accompanied by written proof of graduate acceptance. Please
note: offers are limited to funding availability and allocated on a first come first serve basis. Host organisations are advised to submit their offers as early as possible to avoid disappointment.
 Friday 24th November 2017 Warwick confirms WGI decisions, and send off training invitation and relevant internship documents to be completed by host organisations. You must confirm training sign-up by Friday 1st December. Internship documents (including recruitment stats grid) must be completed and returned to Warwick by Friday 8th December.
Friday 8th December 2017 Employers Internship guide and contractual agreements will be sent out by the University of Warwick.
Friday 15th December 2017 You will need to return internship documents to Warwick by Friday 15th December - any delay will impact on internship funding. Please give some thought on how you will be welcoming your intern into their role, and their training and development programme.
Wednesday 3rd - Tuesday 9th January 2018 6-week WGI internships must begin between Wednesday 3rd to Tuesday 9th January 2018. Please note: you may extend the internship at your own cost after completion of the fully-funded 6-weeks internship.
Early February 2018 To enable the processing of WGI grant payment, you must at the end of 5th week of the internship (once the interns have received their first payslip), login to myAdvantage and:
  • complete the Working Conditions Form (also to be completed separately by your intern)
  • issue invoice for the correct amount £1565 with the relevant Purchase Order number (given by us)
  • email a scan or electronic copy of your intern's payslip
  • submit WGI Evaluation Form
Provided that the process is completed to a satisfactory standard, the University will make payment within 30 days of invoice. You will be asked to supply further details if required.

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