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WGI: Eligibility

Host organisations for Warwick Graduate Internships (WGI) programme must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be an SME UK company (exemption for registered charities)
    • Note: SME is defined as an organisation where the turnover is £0-£50m with headcount up to 250 employees.
  • Be able to pay the intern at your advertised rate of at least £7.05 per hour, the current National Minimum Wage (or the National Living Wage if the intern is 25 years and above) for all hours worked, and issue an invoice accordingly. Please take this into account when calculating and advertising weekly or monthly pay and hours. Note: The University of Warwick strongly recommends paying graduates at the National Living Wage or above (currently £7.50 per hour) to give access to a more diverse cohort of talent. You will also need to make the necessary provision for holiday and ensure that you are aware of how to calculate statutory sick pay (SSP) if needed. If you are unable to provide payroll administration, please consider using, our in-house temping agency.
  • Be able to employ your intern in a full-time capacity in the UK, starting between Wednesday 3 to Tuesday 9 January 2018, for 6 weeks. The University will provide full-funding for the first 6 weeks (the starting date must fall within the period given). You are welcome to offer longer internship, which is likely to be more attractive to Warwick graduates, but this will be at your cost.
  • Be commited to the newly revised programme process and schedule - refer to Programme Process & Timetable.
  • Complete the WGI claim grant process - details are available in WGI Internship FAQs.

  • Be able to provide dedicated Line Management support and an opportunity that does not include prolonged periods of unsupervised, lone, home or remote working (i.e. no more than one day per week).
  • Be able to provide a sufficiently safe, professional working environment – we regret that home offices and “virtual” or dispersed teams are not suitable for this programme.
  • Complete the required internship documents (including recruitment stats grid) and attend one of the WGI Host Organisation training.
  • Must be registered on the Santander Universities portal (to be eligible for Santander funding). This is in addition to any Warwick administrative processes. Host organisations will be contacted when the portal is open.
  • Funding details of 2017/18 Warwick Graduate Internships (WGI) is available on WGI Homepage.
Internship documents

Although your intern will be an employee of your own company, you will enter into an agreement with the University that sets out the expectations of all three parties - you, your intern, and the University of Warwick. This ensures that you can enter into the internship with a clear understanding of your own responsibilites to your intern and the University, the responsibilites of the intern towards you and the University, and our responsibilities to you and our graduate, all of which underpin our grant model, a successful learning experience for the graduate, and a value-added experience for you.

For more assistance, email: