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WGI: Recruitment & Selection

What sort of work is suitable and what should the internship involve?
You will have a fully-funded graduate level resource for 6 weeks if your organisation successfully recruit a candidate and receive the WGI funding.

Taking advantage of the fresh perspective that a graduate brings - you might offer the opportunity to undertake a much-needed stand-alone research project; design a marketing campaign for a series of events or programmes; investigate and develop a new service or produc;, analyse and streamline processes or explore overseas markets. The role may also include elements of assisting on larger projects, although this should always include specific tasks or roles for the graduate and should not consist of ad hoc general clerical work across a large team.

It is vital that the intern receives a learning experience that adds value to their CV through developing their employability skills, through your internship.

Please find following some guidelines on designing a graduate-level internship vacancy:
  • Include a defined project or projects that require the intern to take ownership over delivery against an agreed timeline, with appropriate supervision
  • Combine specific experience with the opportunity to gain a wider awareness of the sector
  • Provide a well-supported and appropriately managed learning opportunity e.g. induction programme, training, regular reviews, line management support, workplace and facilities etc.

The CIPD Internships that Work Guide offers useful guidance for planning your vacancy.

How do I submit a vacancy?

Using the template provided and the above guidelines, develop a high-quality internship vacancy (side panel). It is worthwhile investing time on this as well-designed internships are more likely to attract higher quality applications. Deadline for submitting your internship vacancies to is 5pm Sunday 17 September. Note: internship vacancies not submitted using the template or sent in after the deadline will not be considered.

We will be in touch during the last two weeks in September with suggestions for improvements and refinement to your vacancy if necessary. Note: unlike previous years, the graduate applicants will be applying directly to you.

Can I advertise for more than one intern?

You can submit as many different internship roles as you like, or you can advertise for more than one intern to undertake the same role. However, we reserve the right to limit funding if necessary, to one funded internship per organisation.

What happens once my vacancy is published?

You internship vacancies will be published on myAdvantage, our jobs portal at 9am on Monday 2 October. Graduates will be applying directly to you, using the WGI application form until 5pm Sunday, 22 October.

What sort of shortlisting and selection process should I use?

We leave this entirely up to you - you can shortlist based on the competencies indicated in your vacancy, call applicants for telephone interviews; set them a test or paper to submit, invite them to Skype; host them for a face-to-face-interview; or run a full day of assessments. You will have about 15 working days from Monday 23 October to Friday 10 November to contact and assess your candidates. All we ask is that you consider these elements:

  • intern candidates should be treated no differently to any other prospective member of staff, and are subject to the same considerations regarding Equal Opportunities and working conditions
  • your applicants may have applied for more than one internship through the programme
  • make offers directly to your candidate and ask them for a written confirmation of acceptance as soon as possible.

A guidance document on WGI Shortlisting & Selection is provided for your reference.

How do I let you know our appointment decision?

You must communicate your WGI appointment decision via email to accompanied by a wrriten proof of acceptance from your candidate. Due to a limited number of places available for funding, we will be allocating funding on a first come, first served basis. We would advise that you submit your WGI offer as soon as possible in order to secure your place on the programme. The final deadline for submitting WGI offer is 5pm Monday 20 November. Note: the programme will close as soon as all funding has been allocated.

When will we know that our internship has been confirmed?

You will receive confirmation if your internship has been allocated WGI funding on Friday 24 November. In the email, we will be invite you to our bespoke training for internship hosts, designed to optimise intern's contribution, and attach the relevant internship documents for your completion.

Am I guaranteed an intern?

Given the following factors, not every employer will be successful in appointing an intern.

  • Host organisations will be competing for the best interns in an open market and therefore, not all internship vacancies will attract applications. We will be running a conversion campaign throughout the application period to optimise applications across all internships.
  • Candidates may choose to apply for more than one internship, hence some host organisations may be competing for the same candidates.
  • The University will also be advertising more internships than funding permits to ensure that graduates are choosing from the full range offered.
  • Due to limited funding, internships will be allocated on first come, first served basis, starting with one internship per organisation. To avoid disappointment, host organisations are strongly advised to submit their appointment decisions to as soon as they receive written proof of acceptance from their applicant.