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Warwick Internship Programme (WIP) External Hosts

Information for Host Employers

The 2021 programme is closed. If you are interested in receiving details of similar future programmes, please register your interest as follows:
* Email if you have forgotten or need myAdvantage login.

Progress your business: WIP offers a 222-hour, flexibly-worked, managed undergraduate internship programme for SMEs and charities, with access to £2100-£2500 funding grants* towards internships taking place on a full or part-time basis (or a combination of the two) starting April to early July, with a minimum of 148 hours taking place in advance of 30th July. It replaces the Warwick Summer Internships programme to provide project-based opportunities for collaboration between host organisations and students, with an emphasis on flexible, remote working, or work undertaken in a Covid-secure environment.

Internship providers must satisfy the eligibility criteria (see FAQ below) and commit to the fixed programme timeline (click the image below for a printable PDF version)

WIP 2021 Host Timeline

Employers who are interested in participating are advised to register interest in the programme at the earliest opportunity (see sidebar). This does not commit you to the programme, but will ensure you receive programme communications and support in a timely manner.

The next stage would be to develop an internship project opportunity before uploading to our jobs portal, myAdvantage.

Use the WIP 2021 Internship Vacancy template to ensure your vacancy is subjected to our quality assurance process and included in the programme. Timeline for latest WIP vacancy below.

‘Last WIP Internship’ Milestones


Latest submission of WIP vacancy to myAdvantage

· Must be 6-week full-time @37 hours per week

Mon 26/04/21

Latest application for WIP funding

Sun 30/05/21

Latest start date of WIP internship

· Must be 6-week full-time @37 hours per week

· Tier 4 students can only start full-time from Mon 05/07/21 

Mon 05/07/21

Deadline for WIP grant claim

· 148 hours (equivalent 4-week full time) worked by Fri 30/07/21

Fri 30/07/21

Funding decisions will be communicated on receipt of confirmation from both employer and student that an intern has been successfully recruited to the role, funding is limited to around 80 internships, and terms and conditions apply. See below for details.

Internships take place around students’ individual studies, exams and caring commitments and may exceed 222 hours at additional cost to the host organisation. Access to grants is competitive, subject to successful recruitment of a Warwick undergraduate student, and terms and conditions apply. You may wish to look over a sample programme agreement

Hear from employers who have previously hosted Warwick Interns. Positive feedback referred specifically to: projects completed, internship goals met, extra resource relieving pressure, long term impact or improvement for the organisation, and that interns brought unique skills, new perspective and fresh energy.

Host Employer FAQ

  • The opportunity to access £2,100-£2,500 of funding grants towards a 222-hour Warwick internship with an undergraduate student (full-time, part-time or a mixture of the two over the course of the internship)
  • Road-test our students for future employment. 61% of hosts taking part in our previous programme shared that they either offered or would have offered their intern further work (had the intern not been committed elsewhere).
  • Gain additional resource for project-related work
  • Learn from the fresh ideas and new perspective that a student will bring
  • Give employees supervisory experience and professional development opportunities
  • Contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility targets
  • An opportunity to work more closely with the University and access our broader network of services

Your organisation must meet the following criteria to participate in WIP:

  • Either a UK charity of any size or an “SME” (small to medium-sized enterprise) - an organisation where the annual turnover is less than fifty million pounds, with a headcount of up to 250 employees
  • Registered and based in the UK
  • Employ an intern that is:
    1. A current undergraduate student (including integrated undergraduate Master's e.g. MBio, MChem, MEng, MMath, MMathPhys, MMathStat, MMORSE, MPhys) of the University of Warwick until at least July 2021.
    2. Able to start a WIP internship on a full or part-time basis, completing a minimum of 148 hours by 30th July
    3. Legally entitled to work part-time in the UK (up to 20 hours) during term-time, and full-time in the UK during vacation periods, and can produce appropriate ID and/or a visa to demonstrate this.
    • Able to add an intern to payroll and headcount for the duration of the internship
    • Be committed to WIP programme process and timeline, including timely completion of all internship documentation, and compliance with the claim process. Interns MUST be employed by the host organisation and paid via PAYE processes.
    • Be able to provide dedicated Line Management support
    • Provide an opportunity that can be carried out remotely if appropriate, i.e. due to government guidance, current practice within your workforce, or due to the individual needs of the intern. It is important that students can avoid unpredictable, high-risk, short-term relocations, and that those who need to work from home for health reasons, or to meet caring commitments, are not disadvantaged in any way.
    • If no further employment will be offered, interns should be allowed reasonable unpaid time off to attend up to two interviews (physical or online) for graduate programmes or permanent jobs.
    • Provide a professional, Covid-secure place of work and/or apply your organisation’s Working from Home policy in line with other team members – it is your responsibility to discuss the use of suitable equipment, undertake appropriate Health & Safety considerations, and ensure that any confidentiality protocols are in place.
    • Please ensure that you have sufficient insurance cover in place

    You might offer the chance to undertake a research project, investigate and develop a new process, service, product or market, or address a specific business challenge in any area. The role may also include elements of assisting in larger projects although this should always include specific tasks or roles for the intern. The intern must receive a learning experience that adds value to their CV, and further develops their skills and employability rather than, for example, ad hoc general clerical work across a large team.

    You may advertise up to a maximum of three different roles; each role may only be for one intern. Funding is allocated to a role, not to an organisation, so you could be allocated up to three grants in total, if you recruit to each and are successful in your funding applications.

    A good WIP internship:

    • Can be worked remotely
    • Includes a defined set of objectives that require the intern to take ownership over delivery, with appropriate supervision
    • Combines specific task and role experience with broader organisation and sector awareness
    • Provides a well-supported and appropriately-managed learning opportunity
    • Includes an induction, training, regular reviews, line management support, appropriate workplace and facilities
    • Employ the intern for a minimum of 222 hours, with a minimum of 148 hours being undertaken by 30th July.
    • Employ the intern in a full or part-time capacity (or a combination of the two), in a work pattern that is clearly set out and agreed by both you and the intern in advance of starting the internship. The intern must be paid at a minimum of £9 per hour (£10.55 in Greater London) – the grant is calculated to cover 222 hours at this rate, including employer payroll costs.
    • Employ the intern via your payroll system to ensure appropriate PAYE contributions, necessary provision for holiday and sick, referring to's calculator for statutory sick pay (SSP) if needed.
    • Pay the intern’s salary from your own funds, initially – the payment of your grant will be actioned up to 30 days after your submission of a valid invoice, which must in all cases have been submitted by the close of business on 30th July at the latest. The intern will be required to submit payslips accounting for at least the first 148 hours of their internship having taken place (by 30th July in order to validate your invoice.)
    • Enter into an agreement with the University that sets out the expectations of all three parties - you, your intern, and the University of Warwick - in order to provide your grant. This ensures that you can enter into the internship with a clear understanding of your own responsibilities to your intern and the University, the responsibilities of the intern towards you and the University, and our responsibilities to you and our student, all of which underpin our grant model, a successful learning experience for the student, and a value-added experience for you. You may wish to look over a sample programme agreement
    • Treat the intern as your own employee but with the appropriate supervision to acknowledge that this is a learning experience.
    • Interns are counted as Workers in exactly the same way as any other employee, so use this as a guide when considering wage provision. Payments to your intern can be made on a weekly or monthly basis, as long as this is made clear at interview.
    • To support the development of WIP, complete the programme evaluation
    • Encourage your intern to use the WIP: Your Career in Progress e-platform to maximise their learning during the WIP internship

    Our funding allocation is “first-come, first-served”, to ensure that we allocate as fairly as possible:

    • In practice, this means that we set out a clear timeline of maximum windows for elements of the programme, so that we can keep all parties abreast of likely funding levels that will apply when they reach the point of funding application, via our sidebar here. This means you will know on entry how many allocations are remaining, and will be able to view a live summary of remaining funds as you move through recruitment and selection process, allowing you to withdraw if you consider your costs (time) to be too great against the likelihood of receiving funding at a later point.
    • Funding applications are made via our online Recruitment Outcomes form, once you have had your offer accepted by an intern – we use your form submission’s time/date stamp to allocate grants in order of form submission. You can find this form link on the sidebar of this webpage from mid February. Please complete a Recruitment Outcomes form for each Vacancy, whether you recruit or not, so that we have a complete picture of how the programme has affected you
    • All students holding WIP offers complete an online Student Internship Acceptance form, which validates your Recruitment Outcomes form. This is so we can verify that both the host organisation and the student understand that they have agreed to work together. We will hold your place in the funding “queue” while we chase students who have not communicated their intention to accept or refuse your offer.
    • Please adhere to programme process windows in order to ensure the accuracy of funding grant updates.
    • Remember to decide in advance how you wish to proceed if you are not allocated funding, so that you can make either a firm or conditional offer to your intern at the point of interview, accordingly. Funding is available per role, not per organisation, so you could recruit three interns to three separate roles, for example.

    At £9 per hour, over 222 working hours plus payroll costs, your total costs would be around £2100 - the full grant provided by Warwick provided 148 hours have been undertaken by 30th July. In Greater London, this increases to £2500 to take into account the higher £10.55 London programme wage.

    In addition, there will be a cost to your time against:

    • Writing a job description
    • Sorting applications, interviewing and selecting your intern
    • Providing brief individual feedback (please see our quick, tick-box feedback forms in the sidebar, as a starting point). This is hugely important to student development and often the key learning taken away by unsuccessful applicants.
    • Returning brief details of your applicants to us for monitoring and reporting purposes (GDPR-compliant)
    • Preparing for your intern's arrival and managing them during the internship
    • Every care will be taken to promote Warwick Internship Programme to students, but we cannot guarantee the level of interest or applications, or the suitability of applicants to your specific role.
    • As with any recruitment initiative, you may find that your applicants or internship just aren't the right fit for your organisation.
    • There are a limited number of internships that the University of Warwick are able to fund each year and they are subject to eligibility. Funding will be allocated on a "first come, first served" basis. To avoid disappointment, once your chosen candidate confirms acceptance of your internship:
    1. You, the host employer, should submit the Recruitment Outcomes form for “first-come, first-served” funding (refer to your email instructions at the time) as soon as you are confident that your chosen intern has accepted your offer
    2. Ask your intern to complete the Student Internship Acceptance form promptly

    Note: You may not be successful in securing a grant, so must phrase any offers as “conditional on funding” if you are not able to underwrite the opportunity yourself.

    • Warwick will provide a VAT-free* grant of £2100 (or £2500), providing your internship continues to fulfil the criteria laid out in your agreement.
    • Warwick supports your intern before, during and after their internship via the Work Experience Learning & Development Moodle course and the WIP: Your Career in Progress e-platform
    • Warwick's internships team will look through your internship job description and may suggest improvements, to enhance attractive/high quality features.

    *Warwick has approached HMRC directly regarding these payments and in October 2016, HMRC stated by email that "the payment (subsidy) the University is making to the businesses can be treated as a non-business grant and outside the scope of VAT".

    Warwick undergraduate students (including finalists) accessing the programme are likely to share the following characteristics:

    • Around 86% will receive a 1st or 2:1 when they graduate
    • From all faculties: Science, Social Sciences and Arts
    • Top 10 requested sectors: Advertising, PR and Marketing, Administration, Information Technology, Engineering and manufacturing, Education, publishing, media and performing arts, creative arts and design, charity and development work
    • Top 5 requested regions (prior to Covid-19): West Midlands, London, South East, South West & North West. January 2021 saw graduates happily recruited to Aberdeen, and remote-working makes any UK location feasible, provided that Right to Work checks can be made.

    Based on the WSI 2019 programme, 46% of students were in their penultimate year, 14% midway through a 4 year course, 23% final year, 17% first years.

    Note: For very technical or niche skills, there will naturally be a smaller cohort of suitably qualified/experienced students. It's worth checking if we offer this area of study, but remember that some skills (e.g. coding) are also seen as hobbies and may be 'hidden' in unlikely places!

    Warwick’s student population includes around 28% International students, who can bring diversity and a global perspective to your business. International students may have visa restrictions that differ from UK students, including limiting their work to 20 hours per week during term-time, even if they have finished their exams. It is the student’s responsibility to abide by their visa, and your responsibility as an employer to check you understand any restrictions as part of checking potential employees’ right to work in the UK.

    The Home Office requires that you check the passport and identity card (if applicable) of anyone you intend to employ to ensure they have a legal right to work in the UK. See the Gov.UK website for more details. Please see Home Office ‘An Employer’s Guide to right to work checks (last updated Dec 2020)

    Students are usually able to work up to 20 hours in term-time, and full-time during the vacation.

    1. Check the criteria and that you can work to the WIP timeline (see above)
    2. If you do not have a free account on myAdvantage, our jobs portal, please create an account first ; this does not commit you to participating but allows us to be in touch. myAdvantage is our free, complete portal for reaching students and graduates, advertising vacancies, and hearing about opportunities to improve your brand awareness on campus. Students and graduates can read information about your organisation, book onto events and apply to vacancies - advertising of vacancy is completely free of charge.
    3. Register for access to this year's programme via our online WIP Programme Registration form. Registration of interest does not commit your organisation to participating in WIP but will ensure that you receive communications from us about the programme, , and allows us to monitor likely take-up of available grants.
    4. Develop your internship job description by preparing it on our WIP 2021 Internship Vacancy template, which includes WIP-specific text and instructions. This exactly matches the online form you’ll complete to create your vacancy. You may want to refer to our guidance on advertising to students.
    5. Create a vacancy with a job title marked "WIP" on the University’s jobs portal, myAdvantage, to be included in the programme. There are hundreds of new vacancies on myAdvantage every week and without “WIP” in your job title, we won’t know to include your vacancy.

    We will be in touch during the vacancy approval process to ensure that the opportunities are attractive and provide a high quality experience for you and our students. Vacancies will be open for application following this short process – you will be alerted by email when it is approved.

    WIP Grants for 2021:
    We have approved 47 external grants this financial year
    ⇒ There are approximately 64 vacancies in the process of advertising and recruiting
    There are approximately 89 grants remaining (as at 25/05) to cover these

    Interested in WIP?

    Other resources:

    To support in creating a WIP vacancy:

    To support your applicants in their next opportunity during the recruitment process:

    To support funding bids once you have successfully recruited:

    To support invoice payment:

      For more assistance, email