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Warwick Summer Internships (WSI)

The 2018 Warwick Summer Internships (WSI) programme is now CLOSED. If your organisation is interested in finding out about our future internship programmes, please Register your Interest by clicking on the title. Registration of interest does not commit you to participation but will enable us to send you information about our next programme.

The new Warwick Summer Internships (WSI) programme brings together UK-based small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), charities and Warwick undergraduates (including finalists) with the opportunity to benefit from the many advantages afforded by a high-quality summer internship. WSI takes place thanks to funding from Santander Universities and generous donations from Warwick alumni and friends.

Note: Application deadline for WSI vacancies 5pm Tuesday 24 April. It is recommended that host organisations conduct their shortlisting and selection as soon as application closes, and upload their recruitment decision on the Recruitment Outcomes Form (available from 24 April). A separate form must be completed for each different internship role.

Host organisations must ask the appointed candidate who have accepted their internship offer, to complete the Student Internship Acceptance Form (available from 24 April) promptly. The time and date stamp on the student’s form will be used to allocate programme funding to successful internships in order (WSI funding is allocated on first come first served basis). Funding decision will be communicated on Friday 1 June.

Note: If you are Warwick's own academic or administrative departments, please click HERE for more information. The details below are for external employers.

Student? Go to Warwick Summer Internships' student-facing pages for more information

Information for Host Employers

WSI offers 6 weeks of full funding towards internships starting week commencing 25 June 2018 for UK and EU students, and 2 July for international students, on a first come, first served basis. Internships may be for any duration beyond 6 weeks at the host organisation's cost.

Employers who are interested in participating are advised to register their interest, develop and upload their internship job descriptions as vacancies on the University's jobs portal, myAdvantage, by Sunday 18 March. Internship providers must satisfy the eligibility criteria and commit to the fixed programme timeline. Please take time to look through the WSI programme timeline to familiarise yourself and ensure that you can meet its requirements. You may wish to look over a sample programme agreement.  

  • 6 weeks of full funding towards a Warwick internship with an undergraduate student
  • Road-test our students for future employment
  • Gain additional resource for project-related work
  • Learn from the fresh ideas and new perspective that a student will bring
  • Give employees supervisory experience and professional development opportunities
  • Contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility targets
  • An opportunity to work more closely with the University and access our broader network of services

You must be

  • An SME company - an organisation where the turnover is €0-€50m with headcount up to 250 employees. (exemption for registered charities and University's internal departments)
  • Registered in the UK, for grant payment purposes
  • Be committed to WSI programme process and schedule, including timely completion of all internship documentation, and compliance with the claim process. This includes providing a redacted version of the intern's payslip, showing appropriate PAYE deductions; interns MUST be employed by the host organisation and paid via formal payroll processes.
  • Be able to provide dedicated Line Management support and an opportunity that does not include prolonged periods of unsupervised, lone, home or remote working (i.e. no more than one day per week). If no further employment will be offered, interns should be allowed reasonable unpaid time off to attend up to three interviews for graduate programmes or permanent jobs.
  • Be able to provide a sufficiently safe, professional working environment - home offices and "virtual" or dispersed teams are not appropriate. Please ensure that you have sufficient insurance cover in place.

You might offer the chance to undertake a research project, investigate and develop a new process, service, product or market, or address a specific business challenge in any area. The role may also include elements of assisting in larger projects although this should always include specific tasks or roles for the graduate. The intern must receive a learning experience that adds value to their CV, and further develops their skills and employability rather than, for example, ad hoc general clerical work across a large team.

A good internship:

  • Includes a defined set of objectives that require the intern to take ownership over delivery, with appropriate supervision
  • Combines specific task and role experience with broader organisation and sector awareness
  • Provides a well-supported and appropriately-managed learning opportunity
  • Includes an induction, training, regular reviews, line management support, appropriate workplace and facilities
  • Employ the intern in a full-time capacity at a minimum of £8.57 per hour (remember, the first six weeks are fully funded at this rate).
  • Employ the intern via your payroll system to ensure appropriate PAYE contributions, necessary provision for holiday and sick, referring to calculate statutory sick pay (SSP) if needed.
  • Employ the intern for a minimum of 6 weeks, with internships starting week commencing 25 June 2018 for UK & EU students, and 2 July 2018 for international students.
  • Enter into an agreement with the University that sets out the expectations of all three parties - you, your intern, and the University of Warwick - in order to provide your grant. This ensures that you can enter into the internship with a clear understanding of your own responsibilities to your intern and the University, the responsibilities of the intern towards you and the University, and our responsibilities to you and our student, all of which underpin our grant model, a successful learning experience for the student, and a value-added experience for you.
  • Treat the intern as your own employee but with the appropriate supervision to acknowledge that this is a learning experience.
  • Interns are counted as Workers in exactly the same way as any other employee, so use this as a guide when considering wage provision. Payments to your intern can be made on a weekly or monthly basis, as long as this is made clear at interview.

At £8.57 per hour, over 37 working hours per week, for 6 weeks, plus 10% payroll costs, your total costs for a 6-week internship is £2,093 - the full grant provided by Warwick.

In addition, there will be a cost to your time against:

  • Writing a job description
  • Sorting applications, interviewing and selecting your intern
  • Returning brief details of your applicants to us for monitoring purposes (GDPR-compliant) and reporting to Santander Universities
  • Preparing for your intern's arrival and managing them during the internship.
  • Every care will be taken to promote Warwick Summer Internships to students, but we cannot guarantee the level of interest or applications, or the suitability of applicants to your specific role.
  • As with any recruitment initiative, you may find that your applicants or internship just aren't the right fit for your organisation.
  • There are a limited number of internships that the University of Warwick are able to fund each year and they are subject to eligibility. Funding will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. To avoid disappointment, we would advise you to notify us immediately once you receive confirmation of acceptance from your chosen candidate.
  • If you forget to submit your invoice at the right time, or can't provide information that supports you having paid your intern correctly, at the right hourly rate, we won't be able to process your grant. Our funding ceases at the end of July.
  • Warwick will provide a VAT-free* grant of £2,093 towards your 6-week internship providing that the internship starts in the week commencing 25 June 2018 for UK & EU students, and 2 July 2018 for international students.
  • Warwick's internships team will look through your internship job description and may suggest language, to enhance attractive/high quality features.
  • *Warwick has approached HMRC directly regarding these payments and in October 2016, HMRC stated by email that "the payment (subsidy) the University is making to the businesses can be treated as a non-business grant and outside the scope of VAT".

Warwick undergraduate students (including finalists) accessing the programme are likely to share the following characteristics:

  • Around 86% will receive a 1st or 2:1 when they graduate
  • From all faculties: Science, Social Sciences and Arts
  • Top 10 requested sectors: Advertising, Marketing & PR, Arts, Culture and Recreation, Publishing, Media and Performing Arts, Financial and Insurance Activities, Management Consultancy, Engineering, Scientific and Technical Activities, Legal Activities, Government & Politics, Information, Communication and Media, Scientific Research, Analysis and Support
  • Top 5 requested regions: West Midlands, London, South East, South West & North West

Note: For very technical or niche skills, there will naturally be a smaller cohort of suitably qualified/experienced students. It's worth checking if we offer this area of study, but remember that some skills (e.g. coding) are also seen as hobbies and may be 'hidden' in unlikely places!

  1. Check your eligibility, above
  2. Register for access to this year's programme via our online Registration of interest form. Registration of interest does not commit your organisation to participating in WSI but will ensure that you receive communications from us about the programme.
  3. Develop your internship job description by preparing it on our Word template and instructions (available from the side panel), which exactly matches the online form you’ll complete to create your vacancy. You may want to refer to our guidance on advertising to students.
  4. Create a vacancy on the University’s jobs portal, myAdvantage, by Sunday 18 March, to be included. myAdvantage is our free, complete portal for reaching students and graduates, advertising vacancies, and hearing about opportunities to improve your brand awareness on campus. Students and graduates can read information about your organisation, book onto events and apply to vacancies - advertising of vacancy is completely free of charge.

We will be in touch during the vacancy approval process to ensure that the opportunities are attractive and provide a high quality experience to you and our students. Vacancies will be open for application on 2 April.

Week Commencing
WSI Programme Process & Schedule
26/02 - 18/03/18 Interested Host Organisations must:
  • Read up on employer eligibility, programme information, process, funding etc.
  • Commit and adhere to the strict programme schedule.
  • Using the template provided, develop a high-quality internship vacancy. Well-designed internships are more likely to attract higher quality applications.
  • You have until 5pm Sun 18/03/18 to develop & upload internship job descriptions as vacancies to the University's jobs portal, myAdvantage. Refer to section on What to do if you are interested in the programme?" for details.
02/04 - 22/04/18
  • Vacancies open for application to students on Mon 02/04/18.
  • Undergraduate students will have until 5pm Tues 24/04/18 to apply DIRECTLY to your organisation.
  • You may want to use this time to think about the internship shortlisting and selection process.
23/04 - 18/05/18
  • You will be responsible for conducting your own shortlisting, interview and making offers directly to applicants after the application deadline of Tues 24/04/18.
  • All recruitment and selection processes must be completed by Fri 18/05/18.
  • Host organisations can submit recruitment decision as soon as the student has accepted, by completing the Recruitment Outcomes Form (refer to top of page). Note: a separate form must be completed for each different internship role.
  • Host organisations must ask the appointed candidate who have accepted their internship offer, to complete the Student Internship Acceptance Form (refer to top of page) promptly. The time and date stamp on the student’s form will be used to allocate programme funding to successful internships in order.
  • Note: You may add a second candidate for the same role in the form, but please DO NOT make an offer to the second candidate until we confirm that there is leftover funding for the second candidate.
  • 5pm Thurs 24/05/18 (provided that there is still available funding) is the deadline for submitting WSI recruitment decision.
  • Note: offers are limited to funding availability and allocated on a first come first serve basis. Host organisations are advised to submit their offers as early as possible to avoid disappointment.
  • Internships Development Team (IDT) confirms funding decision Fri 01/06/18
04/06 - 15/06/18
  • You will be sent training invitation, Guide to Internships, and internship documents and details which will need to be confirmed, completed and returned to IDT by Fri 15/06/18.
  • Hosts & interns induction & training/webinar workshops
  • Note: plan how you will be welcoming your intern into their role, and their training and development programme.
25/06 - 20/07/18 6-week WSI internships must begin week commencing Mon 25/06/18 for UK/EU interns and Mon 02/07/18 for International interns.
Around 23/07/18 To enable the processing of grant payment once the intern has received their first payslip:
  • At the end of four weeks, the Intern and the Internship Provider will each email confirming that the Intern has been working full time and that the Intern is being paid the advertised salary
  • The Internship Provider will complete the WSI Evaluation form.
  • The Internship Provider will transfer, by secure means, a redacted version of the Intern’s payslip, showing appropriate PAYE deductions. No other form of proof will be acceptable, including proof of direct payments that fall outside of the PAYE system.
  • The Internship Provider will issue a valid invoice on the company letterhead (PDF format) for the correct amount with the relevant Purchase Order & Vendor number (provided by the University).
Provided that the process is completed to a satisfactory standard, the University will make payment within 30 days of invoice. You will be asked to supply further details if required.
From 30/07/18
  • Host employer will conduct intern’s final review around end of week 5 or beginning of week 6 of the internship.
  • Note: you may extend the internship at your own cost after completion of the fully-funded 6-weeks internship.

To take part

  1. Check eligibility & WSI timeline
  2. Register your interest
  3. Develop your job description offline  
  4. Create your vacancy on myAdvantage by 18th March
Click on the images below to learn about the experiences of some former interns & hosts