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Warwick Summer Internships (WSI)

The Warwick Summer Internships (WSI) programme brings together UK-based small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), charities and Warwick undergraduates (including finalists) with the opportunity to benefit from the many advantages afforded by a high-quality summer internship.

WSI takes place thanks to funding from Santander Universities and generous donations from Warwick alumni and friends and offers 6 weeks of full funding towards internships over the summer, once students have finished their exams.

If your organisation is interested in finding out about WSI 2019, please register your interest.

Please note: funding is available on a first come, first served basis. Internships may be any duration beyond 6 weeks at the host organisation’s cost. Internships offered by departments at the University attract 4 weeks of funding only.

The overarching aims of the Warwick Summer Internships Programme are for:

  • Employers to resource a project or idea with an enthusiastic and able student, at little cost. Learn from fresh ideas and a new perspective, with a view towards future employment with students in the medium and longer term.
  • Students to gain valuable work experience and a learning opportunity to develop their knowledge of the work place and develop their transferable skills to help them make their career choices.

The key elements of WSI support for host organisations are:

  • Support with defining an internship opportunity, quality assurance process for vacancies and targeted student marketing
  • Good and best practice resources and support around recruiting and hosting a student
  • Supporting appointed interns to be prepared to contribute during their internship experience

Internship providers must satisfy the eligibility criteria (see WSI 2019 for more details)

Your corresponding responsibilities as a Warwick internship host are:

Before recruitment

  • Devise a project-based internship opportunity, i.e. a period of work with agreed goals and objectives, which will provide relevant professional experience and development, aligning to your business needs without being a replacement for sustainable resourcing practices
  • Develop a programme-compliant job description/person specification to upload to our jobs platform by the programme deadline (online and 1:1 support provided)
  • Carry out your usual selection process, recognising the importance of equality and diversity, by the programme deadline
  • Recognise common recruitment risks:
    • Your role may not attract a suitable candidate
    • Your chosen candidate may select another opportunity
  • Recognise programme risks:
    • If you do not follow the programme’s required actions and deadlines, you are likely to lose your funding eligibility
    • Limited funding dictates that internships are funded on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Our funding allocation process is fair and transparent, however funding is limited to around 80 internships and depending on the popularity of the programme, there is a chance that some internships will not be successful in securing this. In 2018, approx. 8 organisations reported their recruitment outcomes too late to be included in our funding.
  • Make an advance decision about how you would proceed, if not allocated funding, being mindful of any promises or assumptions when talking to your candidates

If you successfully recruit

  • Begin your internship within the dates specified by the programme
  • Employ the intern at min of £8.75/hour (£10.20 in London) for at least 6 weeks, on your payroll, with appropriate PAYE contributions, provision for holiday and statutory sick pay (SSP) and treating them the same as your other employees. NB Grant is intended to cover these costs.
  • Provide dedicated management, training, and reviews for the intern, who may have little prior work experience. Prolonged periods of unsupervised, lone, home or remote working are not allowed (i.e. no more than one day per week)
  • Pay the intern’s salary from your own funds, initially – the payment of your grant will be in arrears, up to 30 days after your submission of a valid invoice (by 31st July) and issuance of your payslip to the intern.
  • Provide a professional, safe place of work - home offices and "virtual" or dispersed teams are not acceptable; suitable equipment; appropriate Health & Safety considerations, insurance and confidentiality processes in place

If your organisation is interested in finding out about WSI 2019, don't forget to register your interest.

Registration of interest does not commit you to participation but will enable us to send you information about our next programme.

Bear in mind that if your organisation is unsuccessful in securing WSI funding you can still benefit from the key elements that the programme has to offer.


Click on the images below to learn about the experiences of some former interns & hosts