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Our careers fairs

Use the events section of myAdvantage (login required) to find details, dates and locations of upcoming fairs and sector events.

The largest fair of the year, it attracts employers with the earliest application deadlines, and the largest internship and graduate programmes. They come from many sectors, and have opportunities across all types of jobs, and for students from every course of study.

Focuses on commercial, financial and consultancy organisations – with some of the most diverse opportunities available across all types of jobs, from Marketing and PR through to IT, HR, and many more. Opportunities for students from every course of study.

Specific to the Law Sector, and therefore smaller and more specialist. But each year, 50% of those pursuing a Law career come from non Law degrees, via a graduate conversion course. So whether you’re in the Law School or not, find out more about the opportunities, and the different types of Law career.

You will find large multinational manufacturers, technology and engineering focused employers here. And again, whilst you might think they want to meet only those studying Engineering and Science subjects, like every other large organisation they need people in creative, communication-based, marketing, people management, and many other roles.

The vibrant growth in the West Midlands is creating more and more varied opportunities for Warwick graduates to build a career here. Local businesses of all sizes and specialisms, tell us they would love to attract more talent from Warwick – but this is the first time we expect to be able to host an event with this focus.

Warwick, plus six partner Universities work together to enable students to meet both UK and China recruiters with roles in China. Includes presentations about employment skills and the Chinese job market, as well as individual employer presentations. Opportunity to meet over 25 Chinese employers and organisations looking to recruit students studying in the UK. The Fair is mainly targeted at final year and postgraduate students. Unusually for our fairs, you need to book this one!

Featuring the widest range of employers offering graduate positions, internships and work experience opportunities across a huge variety of sectors. Local employers, multinational businesses, and great opportunities still available for the coming summer and beyond!

Tip: download our Careers Fair App to help identify and target your personal shortlist of employers!

Employers at Fairs

Fairs naturally attract employers who plan further ahead, have more opportunities, and are often the best known graduate employer names with teams dedicated to raising their profile at target universities. Most have opportunities for everyone and are desperate to meet students from every course, so make sure you investigate!

However, smaller employers, charities, arts and culture, creative, media and publishing, journalism and politics type career options are less evident at these larger events.

Sector events, spread across terms 1 and 2, cover these options and are more in tune with the more informational, informal style of these sectors. Often those who come along are Warwick alumni and other good contacts able to provide you with an insight into their experience. They offer opportunities to hear from speakers, and also to network, because this is the way that these sectors tend to work. You need to book via myAdvantage to attend these.

With limited time slots and resources, we have to prioritise but aim to offer the greatest range and also to support academic departments where we can, to offer additional local events which add to the programme.

Sector Events

We are usually able to offer around 10 in our programme, which has in past years has included events such as:

  • Creative careers
  • Public Sector careers
  • Careers in HR
  • Careers in Retail
  • Technology in Professional Services
  • Working for more than Profit
  • Advertising, Marketing and PR
  • Publishing & Journalism
  • Radio, Film & TV
  • Careers in Politics and Government
  • Careers in Education

The events above are just a sample of a programme of over 120 events a year, taking place both on Campus and as far away as Shanghai!

The Volunteering Fair

Volunteering is an excellent way of gaining new skills and experience, enhancing your personal development, finding new friends and making a positive difference in the local community. The Volunteering Fair takes place in Welcome Week and is a great way to find out about the many opportunities on offer. There are always a good range of projects and organisations represented, with varied activities, skills required and time commitment, with everything from one-off events to year-long projects to choose from. The fair is a great opportunity to find out more about the projects on offer, talk to project leaders and representatives from local charities and discover how you can become active in the local community.

Getting the most from Careers Fairs


  • Know the Fairs programme, and the scope and purpose of each – see below (no need to book though)
  • Sector events in your thinking – smaller, so you need to book to attend.
  • Make sure you download the Careers Fair App before your first Fair (you only need to do it once for the year)
  • Learn how to use the App to identify employers with opportunities relevant for you
  • Look beyond the employer’s name and its products/services to research what internships and graduate jobs they have
  • Focus initially on the type of job you want (eg marketing) rather than the employer's sector (eg manufacturing). Manufacturers need people working in finance, marketing and communications just as much as they need engineers!
  • Attend fairs to meet the Student Careers & Skills team, discuss your options, think about work experience, etc
  • Think about the employability skills you are gaining from your studies and your extra curricular experiences.


  • Assume there are no opportunities for you at a particular Fair, just because of its title.
  • Assume that to use what you learn on your degree, you need to work in a particular sector. For the majority of jobs, employers don’t mind what you are studying and in fact vastly prefer a diverse mix of graduates.
  • Imagine that what you do in an internship or first graduate job, has to be where you will spend the rest of your career. The experience you gain, and how you reflect on it, is much more important.