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Discover a world post-Warwick

Continuing your learning post-Warwick might be something which interests you. With a lot of different training providers out there offering both practical online courses and those which develop your transferable skills. We’ve pulled together a list below of those which have made free courses available to you as graduates.

Free online courses

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The Skills Toolkit

The UK Government has launched a new learning platform with access to high-quality, digital and numeracy courses. The courses are designed to boost confidence, build skills, help progression in work and boost job prospects. Courses include Practical Maths, Computing Essentials, Personal Growth and Wellbeing, Professional Development, Business and Finance, Digital Design and Marketing, Computer Science and Coding.


Coursera offers more than 1,700 free courses. Warwick has recently given free access to students for some courses. These will remain available to you whilst you still have your Warwick e mail address. You can also add another email address that will allow you to access your account either with a personal or university email. There are a wide range of topics on offer; free courses are clearly labelled, and you can search by theme.


Udemy offers more than 9,000 free courses. Udemy’s mission is to provide the skills people across the world need in order to succeed.


Openlearn is provided by the Open University. A broad range of courses are available. Overall there are fewer purely that are work-related but there are a number of free courses designed to increase your employability, including Personal Branding for Career Success, Understanding your Sector and Succeeding in the Workplace.


Futurelearn offers access to some free learning and covers a very broad range of topics including a number related to enhancing your employability skills. You can search by topic and free courses.

TalkTwenties podcast

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Talk Twenties the award-winning podcast by inspiring graduate Gaby Mendes and features posts helpful for those making the transition from student to employee.

Some of our favourites are: