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Mature students

Being a mature student might not affect your career planning although building on your life experiences can be invaluable. You may:

  • Have worked previously and be looking for promotion or a career change.
  • Have non traditional qualifications and be wondering how to include these in applications.

Many employer presentations take place in the evenings although there are lunchtime ones as well to provide as much access as possible around your academic studies. When you attend a careers appointment or event you are always welcome to raise any issues around your age and staff will be willing to explore age related matters sensitively.

Employers' requirements

People skills (and other previously acquired skills)

Mature students have a lot more experience than the typical younger student. You have already developed many skills through previous experiences (whether bringing up children, working or travelling) which are very valuable in the work place. One of the most common skills mature students offer is the ability to communicate well with a variety of people.

Self-reliance skills (including propensity for further learning)

The amount of motivation which is connected to studying a degree later in life demonstrates your enthusiasm for learning.