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Further Study

Up to 20% of Warwick students undertake postgraduate study and it can be a rewarding experience but it's important that you do your research before committing yourself. Is postgraduate study necessary in your field? What are the costs involved?

Personal Statements

A personal statement may be between 500-1000 words but requirements will vary between disciplines and courses. There is no definitive structure, but you may find it helpful to follow our guidelines.

Personal statements

Why consider postgraduate study?

Your options

  • Postgraduate diploma/certificate - usually one year full time vocational or professional qualifications e.g. law (GDL), teaching (PGCE)
  • Taught Master's e.g. MA/MSC or MBA - usually one year full time, but can be studied part time over two years
  • Research based Master's/doctorate e.g. MPhil or PhD -3 or 4 years of independent research, supervised by one or two academics. PhDs can also be linked to industry, with a greater emphasis on vocational input (e.g. EngD).

Before you apply

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