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What do Warwick graduates do?

What are Warwick graduates doing six months after completing their courses? Use our Graduate Employment Market Statistics (GEMS) portal to find out:

Information by course, including work and further study destinations, sample employers and job titles and graduate salaries.

More detailed information for University staff only. Can only be accessed from computers on campus, to access the link please sign in.

Headlines for 2015/16 Warwick graduates
  Response rate Positive outcomes* Graduate prospects** Mean salary
Undergraduates, first degree, all 77.0% 92.4% 81.0% £26,500
Postgraduates, all 59.0% 90.1% 85.8% £34,200

*Positive Outcomes: The proportion of graduates who were available for employment and had secured employment or further study.
**Graduate Prospects: The proportion of graduates who were available for employment and had secured graduate-level employment or graduate-level further study.

National leaver surveys

After you graduate you may be contacted and asked to complete a national survey into the outcomes of higher education and your activities after graduation.

Further information:

What can I do with my degree? Using Public GEMS

Case Studies User guide

More about the data

The data comes from the national Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey, which collects information on the employment circumstances of graduates six months after they complete their course.

To comply with data protection requirements, only anonymised data should be published or shared outside the University.

Find out more about the DLHE survey and how the data is used.