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Car parking: standard permits

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Our Workplace Parking scheme reduces the cost of parking for salaried staff. Under the scheme, the University will pay for your permit in return for a reduction in gross taxable pay, reducing the amount of tax and national insurance you pay, effectively lowering the cost of your parking permit. This is the same arrangement that many people currently use for pension and nursery costs.

Read our FAQs about the Workplace Parking scheme and read the full terms and conditions of the Workplace Parking scheme.

Salaried staff on grades 3-9 will be given the option to join the Workplace Parking Scheme until 31 March 2017 only or to buy a permit at the gross price. Those ineligible to join the Workplace Parking scheme will have the opportunity to purchase a gross-priced car parking permit or use the pay and display car parking option.


There are four different rates for permits: Standard, Low, Discounted and High.

List of permit prices

More flexible parking: Multi-Mode Parking Permits

We’re trialling a new flexible parking scheme for salaried University staff: the Multi-Mode Parking Permit. If you’d consider alternatives to driving your own vehicle to campus, but still want to be able to park on campus on some occasions, the Multi-Mode scheme offers you a way to pay only for the days that you park here without paying the full Pay and Display parking price or purchasing a full-time permit.

Multi-mode permits

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If you have any questions, see the FAQs about the Workplace Parking scheme. For specific queries, contact