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Workplace Parking scheme FAQs

It is no longer possible to join the Workplace Parking scheme following changes in Government policy on salary sacrifice. Read more...

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) explain how the Workplace Parking scheme works and will hopefully answer any questions you may have. However, if there's anything you are unsure of after reading through the information please email with your question.

1. How does the Workplace Parking scheme work?

While you are a member of the Workplace Parking Scheme, your permit deductions will be made on a salary sacrifice basis:

  • Your basic/notional salary is reduced by the gross amount of the parking permit.
  • This is shown on your payslip as a negative value under the payments.
  • As your basic salary is reduced, you will pay less income tax and national insurance contributions and the net effect on your take home pay is minimal - in effect it costs you less to purchase the benefit through Salary Sacrifice.
  • This will not affect other pay and benefits provided by the University as we will use your notional salary to calculate these.
2. How much do I save if I am in the Workplace Parking scheme?

The table below shows the salary sacrifice savings you make by purchasing your parking permit through the Workplace Parking scheme:

Permit Type Annual Permit cost Monthly cost (no salary sacrifice) Monthly cost (salary sacrifice) Monthly saving Annual saving
Discounted Rate £308.88 £25.74 £17.50 £8.24 £98.88
Standard Rate £400.56 £33.38 £22.70 £10.88 £130.56
High Rate £469.68 £39.14 £22.70 £16.44 £197.28

Here are two example payslips so you can compare the difference the salary sacrifice makes (click for full size):

With salary sacrificeWithout salary sacrifice

3. How do I join the Workplace Parking scheme?

It is no longer possible to join the Workplace Parking scheme following changes in Government policy on salary sacrifice.

4. What if I no longer need my car parking permit (for example, if I don’t need it over the summer)?

You can cancel your permit online at any time. Cancellations will take effect in the following month's payroll.

5. What happens in the event I am in receipt of statutory sick pay or maternity pay?

As a result of a change in your personal circumstances you may no longer be eligible to participate in the Workplace Parking Salary Sacrifice scheme, e.g. employees who receive statutory payments such as SSP, or employees who reduce their hours of work and so no longer pay NIC. In these circumstances, the University will automatically opt you out of the scheme.

During a period of long term sickness or maternity leave you will still have access to the car parking facility, but this will be provided free of charge.

6. What if I reduce/increase my hours of work, do I need to adjust my Workplace Parking permit?

If your role is in grades 1 to 9, on clinical or non-FA contracts this will be actioned automatically by payroll once officially informed of the change to your terms and conditions of employment.

7. I have two contracts at two different grades. What rate of car park charge applies to me?

The rate of your car park permit will be based on your main contract. Your main contract is normally the contract that you were employed on initially with the University, however, if you are unsure in any way, please contact the HR department.

8. Are car parking permits pro-ratad for salaried staff?


9. Do I have to declare my participation in the Workplace Parking scheme to HM Revenue and Customs?

No. Your P60 will reflect the reduced taxable earnings after the salary sacrifice deduction.

10. What if I no longer wish to participate in the Salary Sacrifice arrangement?

You may opt in and out of the Workplace Parking Salary Sacrifice scheme whenever you wish by simply completing the on-line notification method within the appropriate timescales.

11. Can we expect to see car parking charges increase again in 2018?

We will review all parking prices every year.

12. What happens if I cease to be employed by the University?

Your car parking permit deductions from salary will automatically terminate in the month you leave the University. You will pay your full monthly instalment in your final month.

For non-salaried staff, reimbursements can be provided either through submitting an online cancellation or directly by approaching the Security Office in the Gatehouse.

13. Where can I find more information about salary sacrifice schemes?

On our salary sacrifice scheme page.

14. Why does Warwick need to raise parking prices?

The University has committed to a £250m investment in developing campus over the next five years. This includes creating a new multi-storey car park, and adding extensions on to two of our existing car parks. The extra money we raise through the new Workplace Parking Scheme will be invested into these projects to improve campus parking, and into other sustainable transport activities.

More about the car park projects