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Workplace Parking scheme terms and conditions

These are the terms and conditions that you will sign up to if you purchase a car parking permit through the Workplace Parking scheme:

  1. I confirm and agree that this Salary Sacrifice Agreement (“the Agreement”) constitutes a notice of a variation to the terms of my employment contract for a period starting from the date I submit this Agreement, and continuing until the Scheme is terminated by either party in accordance with this Agreement.
  2. Except where the following paragraphs apply, throughout this period I agree that my salary will be reduced by the amount I have requested in this Agreement in return for a Workplace Parking scheme permit. It is agreed that the balance of my salary will be paid in the usual way.
  3. I accept that no salary sacrifice will be made when I’m in receipt of any statutory payments and when there is not enough of my salary to make the reduction. In these circumstances, I accept that I will be paid my salary without any sacrifice having been made.
  4. Subject to clause 5 below, I agree that the Workplace Parking scheme will end either:

    • when I provide the University with the appropriate notice to exit the Workplace Parking scheme; or
    • when my employment with the University terminates for whatever reason.
  5. I understand that if my role is re-graded or I get promoted, the University will adjust the car park charge applicable to my new grade.
  6. I accept that the University expressly reserves its right to alter the terms of the Scheme or to withdraw from it at any time. The University reserves the right to vary the car parking prices providing appropriate notice. The University is under no obligation and does not accept any liability to provide any form of compensation for any benefits lost from ceasing to operate the Scheme.
  7. By submitting this request I confirm that I understand the terms of the Agreement and I agree to the variation of my terms and conditions of employment as described in this scheme.

"the scheme" means the Workplace Parking salary sacrifice scheme as set out in this agreement (as amended from time to time where required).

"the University" refers to the employer with whom you have a contract of employment. This could be the University of Warwick, Warwick Science Park or Warwick Ventures.