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Kirby Corner Car Park - information for permit holders

Work will take place on Kirby Corner Car Park from the end of March 2018, and are expected to be completed within a year. Staff who usually park in CP16 will still be able to use some spaces in that location, and there are alternative car parks also available. Here is information about where you can park, and how to reach your building from these locations.

We recognise that the work will mean some disruption and we're working hard to mitigate any negative effect on our community. We will share as much as we can on plans, timing and options for you, and we are grateful for people's patience whilst the work is underway.

Car park 16 (next to University House)

Whilst work is underway, there will continue to be some spaces available.

In the first phase of works from the end of March 2018, approximately 380 spaces will still be available, accessed via Gibbet Hill Road. Disabled bays and car share bays will be available in this area.

From June/July 2018, about 150 spaces will be available, accessed via Kirby Corner Road. Disabled bays, car share bays and Electric Vehicle Charging bays will be available. Reduction of spaces here will be made up for through alternative provision in the locations listed below.

Westwood Campus

Westwood North Car Park is a new, temporary car park which will open at the start of the summer term. This will offer around 150 spaces next to the Westwood Teaching Centre, as shown on our map. Vehicle access to this car park will be from Kirby Corner Road, via the road past Café Westwood and Warwick Print.

Staff based in IT Services, the Centre for Lifelong Learning, the Postroom and Warwick Print are encouraged to park here given the proximity to their buildings. This will free up spaces in existing car parks closer to University House.

Staff based in University House are encouraged to park in the other Westwood car parks within walking distance: the car park on Kirby Corner Road opposite the University House main entrance, the Tennis Centre car park - which is 350m/460 steps away, or the car park next to the Avon building - which is 560m/730 steps away.

Getting from Westwood Campus to your building

We're implementing improved shuttlebus services to help you if you're parked at Westwood and would prefer not to walk to your building. The "A" service will stop on Avon Road every 30 minutes from 7:55 to 9:55am, offering drop-offs at University House, the campus Bus Interchange and Gibbet Hill Campus. Hop on the "C" service to Canley every 20 minutes from 4:30 to 5:50, and ask to get off at the bus stop on Kirby Corner Road. See the full timetables at

Also nearby is a UniCycles stand, where you can hire a bike to get to your destination.

Lakeside Village

We are creating a temporary car park with around 160 spaces near the new Sherbourne residences, as shown on our map. This car park will be for selected permit holders only from 26 March. Staff based in WBS will find this a particularly good alternative to car park 16 - it's a 560m walk away, which is roughly 730 steps.

All Lakeside Village permits that are presently available have been applied for, so the application form is now closed.

Getting from Lakeside Village to your building

The "B" shuttlebus service will stop at the new temporary car park and the Sherbourne residences every 15 minutes from 7:45 to 10:00am, offering drop-offs at WBS (by request), University House, the bus stop near Humanities on University Road and the campus Bus Interchange.

Hop on the A service in the afternoons, every 30 minutes from 3 to 5:30pm, with an extra service at 5:45 from University House Reception. See the full timetables at

Also nearby is a UniCycles stand, where you can hire a bike to get to your destination.

Lynchgate Multi Storey Car Park

Photo of Lynchgate Car Park

Lynchgate is a large permit holder car park accessed via Lynchgate Road and the new roundabout near the Tesco filling station at Cannon Park. It is a few minutes' walk to Library Road and surrounding buildings, and regularly has spare parking capacity.

Cryfield Village Car Park

In Autumn 2018 we will create a long-term (though not permanent) car park behind Radcliffe Conference Centre, with around 450 spaces. It will be available for permit holders, flexipay users and pay and display users.

Part of the process of constructing this car park will be to carry out a thorough ecological survey of the area. We will provide updates to the development timeline as and when we can.

This car park will be next to a pedestrian and cycle route from Central Campus to the new Sport and Wellness Hub, making it easy for you to park there and get to your building. Vehicle access to the car park will be via Leighfield Road.

Improved signage

Photo of parking signage

Throughout the work we will use road-side yellow signs to help you quickly identify which car parks are full and which still have spaces (including the remaining spaces in car park 16).

Picture of a multi-mode flexi-pay scratch card

Multi-mode parking permits

If you don't need to park on campus every day, consider switching your existing parking permit to a Multi-Mode parking permit, which offers you a way to pay only for the days that you park here without paying the full Pay and Display parking price or purchasing a full-time permit. Multi-Mode will make it easier for you to try some of the alternatives to driving on some days.

Sign up for Multi-Mode parking

Map of alternative parking

This map shows the locations of alternative parking for permit holders affected by the work. Click/tap for full image:

Map of alternative parking

Find out more about our long-term plans for car parking on campus.

Find out more about alternative ways to reach campus.

Not a permit holder? See our advice for non-permit holders.